Re: Teach for America’s Professional Agitators

Yesterday, Michelle Malkin wrote about Teach for America’s Professional Agitators over at

In the article, Malkin lays out the connections between Teach for America (TFA) and the coordinated protests in places like Durham, Ferguson, Baltimore and now in McKinney, Texas.

Pay attention to the middle of the article, where the dots are connected between TFA and the protests:

TFA’s most infamous public faces don’t even pretend to be interested in students’ academic achievement. It’s all about race, tweets and marching on the streets.

In Durham, North Carolina, two Teach for America officials led costly traffic blockades over the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting last December. North Carolina blogger A.P. Dillon identified protester Rachel Schankula as a TFA executive coach and program director dating back to 2001. Protester Robert Terrell Stephens, cited by police for attempting to incite a riot, is currently TFA’s director of alumni teacher leadership and also served as a community organizer for Obama for America.


Finally, national coverage on what I and several other bloggers have been noticing about the connection between TFA and these protests.   Local hot mess, Moral Monday, has also gotten into the act with these protests.

Those wanting to read some of what I discovered about the Durham protests and Schankula can see it over at Da Tech Guy, where I currently have a column each Thursday. In that same column, I also highlight that the top aid of the Governor is a TFA alum; so is his wife, who apparently still works there.

Also — Flashback: 

More Protesters Laying Down In The Road In Durham

Black Lives Matter protests in Durham, NC at which Teach for America employees were integral part. A Teach for America worker bailed out the arrestees to the tune of an estimated $36,000.  WHERE DID THE BAIL MONEY COME FROM?

Malkin continued, delving into DeRay McKesson who jumps from state to state inserting himself into and leading the narrative of many of these protests. McKesson shows up at protests everywhere, tweeting and getting in front of the camera — he drives narratives.

I was very pleased to see Mrs. Malkin jump on Brittney Packnett out of Missouri. Packnett, as I noted on this blog, is somehow a member of the Obama administration’s new ’21st Century Policing’ task force.

McKesson and Packnett arguably deserves some more scrutiny, as do those waiting to bail out those who are arrested.

I always come back to the question, Who is paying? In this case, the answer is: You are. Read the whole thing; your tax dollars are supporting a lot of this activity.

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