Fascist Lefty Group Attacks Fascist Righty Group Peacefully Assembling In Sacramento

In case you missed it,  there was a scheduled and permitted event at the Sacramento where several people were stabbed and many were assaulted with long wood poles or bats.

Media reported that this was either a KKK event or Neo-nazi event. Some outlets reported both. The group who filed for the permit was the Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP).  The group who showed up to ‘counter protest’ the TWP is called BAMN, which stands for ‘By Any Means Necessary’.

To me it looks like one fascist group attacking another fascist group. I’m not defending either side here, but the media is.  Google for news stories on the attacks and one can see the media has taken the side of BAMN.

One outlet cited the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) when describing who and what the Traditionalist Workers Party was. This is sadly hilarious, as SPLC helps fund the UEAA, from which BAMN gets their money. Shockingly, the UEAA also gets money from Unions, but apparently not a lot according to UEAA’s 990 filings. Fun fact: When I called SPLC out yesterday on Twitter, they blocked me.

BAMN appears to be a far left, fascist style group who follows the rules of Saul Alinsky. From looking at their website, BAMN seems to believe that illegal immigrant sanctuary cities are not enough, whole states should be converted. Discover the Networks has some interesting history on BAMN.

It’s had to be 100% sure who stabbed who or who beat who, one video captured by an ABC affiliate reporter in the area is clear about the aggressors. Masked BAMN activists can be seen beating rally goers with sticks. One BAMN member appears to be conducting batting practice using the head of an injured person who attempted to sit up:

BAMN members also attacked journalists trying to cover the event.

BAMN leader, Yvette Felarca thinks she and her group have the right to silence any speech they deem offensive. Velarca said they silence groups they disagree with through ‘direct militant action’ — which is apparently silence through violence.

Velarca said the end goal is to ‘stop more violence‘, yet it is her group that appears to have started the violence.

In one video, Felarca can be seen kicking a man alongside other BAMN members before police rush in to aid him. Felarca stated that BAMN believes in using “militant” direct action”. What does that mean?

It means deciding who gets to have free speech according to your own set of rules. It also apparently means bringing sticks and similar weapons to a peaceful rally to beat the attendees.


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  2. brookingstyler says:

    check comments on the bamn organizer- domestic terrorist and humanities teacher in oakland.


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    Barack Obama’s army.


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