#WBOC Prioritizes Transit Over Kids

Dispatches from the 100% Democrat held Wake County Board of Commissioners:

Wait, didn’t the newly elected WBOC members RUN on education funding being the top priority?

Yes, they did.

Now they’re saying a $2.3 BILLION dollar Transit plan comes first?

Yes, they are.

Buses over Kids. Nice.

New WBOC member John Burns, jumped in to spin the WBOC’s about face as “a new strategy for smoothing debt”.

013116 JohnBurns Response to N&O on Transit over Schools

Yeah, right.
Mr. Burns’ “Smoothing”,  translated: Cutting voters out of the loop on how you hike their taxes and spend their money.

Don’t forget, Mr. Burns telegraphed this flip-flop last June in a rather long-winded and condescending Facebook post.

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