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#WBOC’s John Burns Breaks Campaign Promises, Show His Political Biases

One of the biggest campaign promises the “More with Four” Democrats ran on was funding education in Wake County. Apparently they meant funding education ‘over time’. Continue reading

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Wake BOC Candidate John Burns Mocks Travel Ban

This is the guy running for an office of controlling the purse strings in Wake County. He apparently thinks concern over Ebola is hilarious and should be mocked.

Travel ban makes sense. The town that builds walls always survives the zombie movie. #nope #itdoesnot

— John Burns (@johnburnsnc) October 19, 2014


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Wake County Commissioners Raise The Wage! For 75 out of 4,000 Employees. – #ncpol

Wherein John Burns and Matt Calabria break their arms off patting each other on the back. I’m sure Bully Barber and his merry band of ‘Fight for $15’ folks will be pleased. Continue reading

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Wake Commissioner Candidate Can’t Pay Taxes On Time? Update: Ticket for Revoked License?

The Democrat’s “More with Four” candidates keep unraveling.
It appears that John Burns can’t pay his own taxes on time?

Burns and Skelly have paid property taxes on their home on time, but their cars are apparently another matter. Source: Wake Co. Property Tax Office

According to the tax records, Mr. Burns has been late paying his car tax every year but one since 2002. Not some years. Not most years. Every year but one.

KEEP READING… See the chart. Continue reading

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A #ShutUppery Files Update

I noted Stacy McCain’s article yesterday, The #Shutuppery Files: ‘Twitter Gulag’ #StopRush Crew Joined Team Kimberlin. The main screenshot is of Melissa In DC @SubcultureStuff and thought I’d add an update relevant to that set of tweets:



Meanwhile in North Carolina, the #ShutUppery continues, however it’s not fairing very well. Greg Flynn and defender John Burns have been silent. Not so much silence from the “NCBlondes”. Last week Jeanne Bonds went on the Pete Kaliner show and was confronted with her online messaging and branding failures. Continue reading

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60% Of Fake Republican Chris Anglin’s Donations Came From Two Democrats

Over at WRAL, the headline reads “Anglin’s Republican court campaign largely funded by Democrats.”  Let’s examine what “largely” means. Continue reading

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N&O Gives Party Who Booed God A Swipe At Lt. Governor on Religion

Joining the ranks of WRAL on the religious bigotry front is the News and Observer. Continue reading

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