Wake BOC Candidate John Burns Mocks Travel Ban

This is a guy running for an office of controlling the purse strings in Wake County.   He apparently thinks concern over Ebola is hilarious and should be mocked.

 In a press release, Wake GOP Chair blasted Burns:

  “Mr. Burns surely has a right to his own opinion, but it is outrageous for someone running to represent Wake County to make these kinds of close minded, intolerant and demeaning public statements,” Williams continued.    

John Burns is endorsed by the Wake County Democrat Party for the District 7 seat on the Wake County Board of Commissioners. According to the News & Observer (10/26/14), he is a “lawyer and community activist… with tremendous leadership potential.”   

“I’d like to see some of that ‘leadership potential’ right now from Mr. Burns, by his apologizing for tweets & retweets which belittle and demean the majority of Americans,” said Williams. “Someone who wants to represent Wake County should be open to any idea that might protect our citizens, especially with an international airport and multiple medical research facilities in the area.”

News and Observer picked up the story as the Wake GOP came out critical of Burn’s tweet. The tail end of that N&O report says Wake schools are asking students about travel to W. Africa. I’d add that NC’s Dept. of Health and Human Services has a full dashboard up for this. 

Still have snide remarks for a travel ban, Mr. Burns?

Just a reminder about what else Mr. Burns finds funny and he has a pattern of ‘belittling and demeaning’:


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