Told Ya To Gird That Wallet…

MoreWithFourNotOneCentBackWBOC14I told folks back in November, with the election of an all Democrat Board of Commissioners in Wake County, your taxes are about to go up.

The day after the election the newly elected Commissioners were already talking about digging into the taxpayer’s wallet.

Now factor in the Commissioners are working hand in hand with the drama-ridden and Democrat held Wake County school board.  Here come the tax hikes, here come the bond referendums.

See the video in the tweet people, Chairman West’s diffuseness and statements like “I don’t know what the revenue will be…” really aren’t very comforting.  West finally spits it out at the 47 second mark — “tax increase… based on what we need”.

Don’t look at me, people. I TOLD YOU SO.

Now, flashback to last week: Wake school board hoping $810 million bond is enough for new schools

“Hoping” $810 million is enough. HOPING.
Wake School Board Chair Christine Kushner said taxpayers have nothing to worry about. Yeah, right.

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