Want Your Child To Transfer To A Different School In Wake Cty? It Might Not Happen.

File this one under: We will force schools to be ‘diverse’ at all costs.

The Wake County School Board is can’t be bothered with parents who want their child to change schools within the district according to a report at the News and Observer.

Key quote:

The various changes are supposed to address the concerns that school leaders have that an excessive number of transfers are leaving some schools depopulated and others overcrowded. School board member Jim Martin said North Carolina’s largest school system needs to “do a better job of dealing with our transfers.”

“We’ve gotten to the situation where we have too many on the transfer side,” Martin said at last month’s policy committee meeting.

How many transfers are we talking about here?  News and Observer reported this:

Even with the task of having to provide their own transportation, 13,190 students, or 8.4 percent of Wake’s 157,443 students, attend schools as transfer students.

Nowhere in the article does it mention the Wake board questioning the underlying causes of WHY the transfer rate is so high. Instead, we can likely expect this board to blame parents yet again.

There was no mention of the impact on Magnet schools either.

The Wake Board will take up the issue tomorrow (Tuesday 1/5/16). The meeting is at 5:30 pm at 5625 Dillard Drive in Cary.

By the way, Wake parents — if you’re fed up with this board, get out and vote this year.

There has been a shift in how this board is elected per Senate Bill 325 which was signed into law in 2013.  That year, 2013,  Districts 1, 2, 7 and 9 were voted on. The Left, of course, sued. The suit is led by the “Southern Coalition for Social Justice”, which is the same organization who assisted Reverend Barber in protests of the Wake School board meeting in 2010. Hearings on the case ended in late December 2015 and no ruling has been issued yet.

What does SB 325 do?
The law alters the years of elections, starting this year. Wake County school board members are now being voted on in even-numbered years. The current board has nine people on it plus the Wake Superintendent.

Seven of that nine will be elected from numbered districts to serve a four-year term. Starting this year, 2016, Two members will be elected from new lettered regional districts and serve a two-year term through 2018, at which point their positions will then default to a four-year term.

In essence, what the bill does is toss District 9, currently held by Bill Fletcher and changes District 2 completely.  District 2 is currently held by Monika Johnson-Hostler.  Hostler should never have been there in the first place as I documented back in 2013.

In addition to tossing Fletcher, it also consolidated Fletcher, Evans and Martin into a single district.  See how Evans reacted to that, keep reading.

102915 CPH - Evans Flashbacks

Image courtesy of Carolina Plotthound

A few flashbacks and reminders:

2010: She was one of multiple people who showed up with Reverend Barber to interrupt the Wake School board meeting and cause political issues for Chairman Ron Margiotta. At the time, Evans was running against Chairman Margiotta.

There used to be video with this story showing Evans in the background laughing and clapping.  Carolina Journal covered what was arguably a soft launch of Moral Monday in two videos. One of the rally and one of the arrests at the Board meeting.

Oh and the group that was helping Barber with the protests? That was Greater Schools In Wake. Remember that as you read on.

2011: If you live in Western Wake county, you have a narrow world view, according to Captain Arrogant over here.

2012 : Evans suggested in an email to her ‘friends’ that  Superintendent, Tony Tata, was an A-hole.

Perhaps that’s because Tata blew in on the record for her affiliation with a leftist political  group that masquerades as an education non-profit.  I’m talking about Greater Schools In Wake, which run by Bully Barber’s pal — Yevonne Brannon. Gee, that group pops up A LOT with regard to Evans, doesn’t it?

2012: She’s a bully. Remember how she just yanked that microphone right out of Deborah Prickett’s hand? There is no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with her highness.

2013: Clueless or willful misrepresentation on Charter Schools? Probably both.

2014: She’s a total hypocrite. Evans ranted and screamed about ‘diversity’ back when she was running against Ron Margiotta, yet under her tenure the board basically adopted the Republican held board’s positions:

The Democratic-led WCPSS School Board is clearly rebranding the vision of the ’09 Republican-led School Board and calling it their own.

You read that right.

The Democrats have not brought back diversity busing as their supporters elected them to do. In fact, according to WCPSS staff, they have no intention of using diversity assignments anymore.
(Read the whole thing at My 3 Minutes)

2015: When her district was challenged under SB 325, Evans decided to dump the Wake Board and try for Senator Barringer’s seat.  Barringer is my Senator.  The idea of Evans becoming my Senator scares the Hell out of me.

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