DPI’s Atkinson Unleashes Fear Mongering Rhetoric On Vouchers

I’m technically in a blog break, but some things are just too incredible not to write about.
Case in point, NC Superintendent June Atkinson’s recent remarks about vouchers. The partisan rhetoric and over the top, fear mongering language are just stunning. Emphasis below is mine.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson offered a pointed critique of the state’s new voucher law during a stop in Wilmington Thursday.

“With the voucher legislation that we have we could be in dangerous territory as far as taxpayers’ dollars going to private schools,” she said prior to speaking to the N.C. School Boards Association’s Public Policy Conference. “There is nothing in the legislation that would prevent someone from establishing a school of terror.

“Schools of Terror.”  Really? Don’t go ‘looking like Mississippi’ now, June.

Hit the link. There is video of this little nugget of vitriolic BS.  This kind of language and assault on school choice coming from the top elected education official in our state is unacceptable. Atkinson’s comments show just how entrenched she is in her own echo chamber. Not surprising given her rude antics and snide dismissal of anyone questioning Common Core.

Speaking of entrenchment, it might interest people to know that Atkinson was just made President elect of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). That is the same organization along with the National Governors Association that holds the copyright on the Common Core Standards — standards Atkinson adopted by stealth in North Carolina in 2010, and that impact every single child in our state, with no public input.

Her idea of transparency is laughable and when I personally inquired why parents were not given information on Common Core prior to its adoption and about transparency in general, I was snarkily told ” We do not have access to 3 million parents’ addresses or email addresses.”  

This was her answer to a tax paying citizen with a child in the public school system. Think about that. The response the Lt. Governor received from Atkinson to his letter containing 67 specific questions about Common Core was met with equal snark initially and a paper blizzard afterwards. The Lt. Governor didn’t bat an eye and replied in kind:



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