While KY Lawmakers Move To Dump Common Core, NC’s Governor Tries To Cement It

The first state to adopt Common Core has legislators now filing a bill to drop the standards.

WCPO reported:

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Majority Republicans in the Kentucky Senate have introduced legislation that would dismantle the state’s Common Core education standards.

Senate Education Committee Chairman Mike Wilson said Wednesday the bill would create a new Kentucky-based system to oversee school standards and assessments. Wilson says the goal is to boost the number of students deemed college and career ready after graduating from high school.
Wilson says the current system has created a “quagmire of instructional compliance rather than results.”

WCPO also reported that this education bill what their “top priority”.

The effort to remove Common Core in Kentucky comes on the heels of flat-lined math and reading scores in the state. Newly elected Governor Matt Bevin is strongly opposed to Common Core as well, which will help bolster the efforts made by the legislature.

Bevin’s platform including getting rid of Common Core and the voters flocked to him. Bevin beat the  incumbent Democrat, Jack Conway, by close to nine points.

Meanwhile, North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory is signing up our kids for more data collection, tracking and ‘career and college ready’  programs.

Read Governor McCrory’s  Resolution to “TO ALIGN THE TALENT PIPELINE TO MEET THE NEEDS OF THE ECONOMY”, which was unveiled at the State Board of Education meeting yesterday.  It is signed by Governor McCrory and Dr. June Atkinson.

Read the whole resolution, but here’s the heart of it:

RESOLVED, that, the SBE will use education and workforce data to inform policy, track progress, measure success and support implementation of an online reporting dashboard that all stakeholders can assess to review progress towards meeting this goal using baseline data already collected by the NC Department of Commerce’s Labor and Economic Analysis Division and longitudinal data system; and

RESOLVED, that, the SBE will continue its endorsement of programs for students meeting Career and College ready graduation requirements; and

RESOLVED, that, the SBE will engage North Carolina business and industry partners to identify employee knowledge and skills needed to be an effective worker in the current and future marketplace; and

This ‘resolution’ is a veritable finger wag at the State Board of Education to pressure them to keep Common Core and do nothing with the recommendations from the Common Core Commission (ASRC).

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