Occupy 2.0: #829Strike

Occupy 2.0: #829Strike

Fast Food workers across the nation, organized by Big Labor and their allies, went on strike to demand higher wages today. I captured the onset of the protests via the #829Strike hashtag on Twitter.

  1. Read more about Occupy 2.0, Big Labor and more at:
  2. Irony Indeed:
  3. The irony in the fastfood workers strike is that it’s supported by Democrats, but because of Obamacare they can’t work 40hrs/week #829strike
  4. It Begins.
  5. New @Salon: Walkouts planned in 58 cities today in biggest fast food strike in US history: salon.com/2013/08/29/lar… #1u #p2 @AFLCIO @SEIU
  6. Supporters included Occupy, Young Dem Socialists, SEIU and Multiple AFL-CIO organizing front groups.
  7. One of the goals of the March on Washington was a $2 minimum wage. In 2013 dollars, that would be $15.34 #MLK #LivingWage #829Strike
  8. Solidarity with strikers all across this country. Big changes are coming if we keep fighting. #829strike #1u
  9. SEIU and UAW on #morningjoe. Tier2 workers (paid less) helped bring jobs back from Mexico to Flat Rock. 20,000 new jobs in Big 3.
  10. Oh, and Rep. Jan Schakowsky showed up.
  11. Rep Schakowsky, workers, and Hamburgler deliver letter to RocknRoll Mcdonalds. #strikefor15 #829strike twitter.com/AriseChicago/st…
  12. Well done, Comrade Schakowsky… wow.
  13. Rep Schakowsky “McDonalds and these CEOs, they are the takers. These workers are the makers” #strikefor15 #829strike (1/2)
  14. Not to be outdone, Senator Bernie Sanders chimed in:
  15. “Half of minimum-wage jobs are held by adults over 25 years old” theguardian.com/commentisfr… #829Strike
  16. As did Al Jazeera, The Chicago Teachers Union and multiple Jobs with Justice groups in different states. Locally, the Wilmington NC Democrats nodded their approval.
  17. Have you struggled to make ends meet in a fast-food or retail job? We want to hear from you alj.am/19PXL6D #RaiseTheWage #829Strike
  18. We stand in solidarity with the fast food and retail workers on nationwide #829strike for a better country. lowpayisnotok.org/
  19. Solidarity RT @jwjnational: We’re proud to stand with fast-food workers on strike today! bit.ly/15iQnlX #829strike @MOJwJ
  20. Ah, there we are… Moral Monday’s Motto: Forward Together, Not One Step Back!
    Co-opted, Baby!
  21. More from North Carolina. Wonder who the well dressed pair on the right are? Triangle Jobs with Justice?
  22. From burger king to McDonald workers in Durham are walking out. $15 an hour now! #829strike @FastFoodForward twitter.com/829strikeDUR/st…
  23. Just like being arrested was the media draw for Occupy and Moral Monday, shutting down these places of business are the draw for #829Strike
  24. 4th shutdown. RT @GoodJobsSeattle: Breaking: workers walking out. 3rd & Union Subway closed. #829strike #strikepoverty Westlake 7 am
  25. They locked the doors. We shut them down. We want a living wage! #829strike twitter.com/Detroit_15/stat…
  26. More Tweets and Images from around the country. I noted about 14 states. In no particular order: NC, SC, WA, MI, NY, IL, MO, LA, CA, AZ, CO, MA, GA, TX.
  27. RT @STL735: Workers using @panerabread as public forum, talking abt their struggles living on $7.35 #829strike twitter.com/STL735/status/3…
  28. Today Ronald McDonald says “hold the burgers hold the fries make worker wages supersize!” #strikefor15 #829strike twitter.com/fightfor15/stat…

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  3. Give them $15./hr and let them work 8 hrs a week. Problem solved, they will learn a valuable lesson on how unions use people and take part of that $15./hr. Or put a tip jar in the window, or just stop thinking because you’re just starting out or you have no skills you’re suddenly better than previous generations who some how pulled themselves up by their own boot straps.
    Wake up and realize your prezzy sucks and it’s because of his economy and Obamacare, the high cost of gas, food that you are in this situation. Remember elections have consequences, now you’re living it. Get used to it, blame the man responsible, not the man that gave you a job. There are plenty of others that will step in and take that job. UNIONS USE PEOPLE!


  4. Let them walk out—plenty of unskilled labour to go around…


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