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Wake School Board Hires New Principal For Cary School At $131,556

Wake County’s School Board has hired a new Principal for Panther Creek, Camille Hedrick, at a salary of $131,556.

The Board also hired three others:

Fay Jones – $84,341 (Carpenter Elementary School)
Elena Ashburn – $66,078 (East Garner Middle School)
Kendra Culberson – $86,028 (Herbert Akins Elementary School)
Read more at Cary News.

The Wake School board has been complaining about their recent budget problems. Yet they’ve got an “Office of Equity Affairs” with a budget of $204,846 and is headed up by David Trice who’s getting paid $125k. Then there’s the “Strategic Plan” which has cost taxpayers to date over $58k. Small wonder there are budget issues in Wake County Schools — administrative bloat has been a factor for years now and shows no signs of stemming.
“non-teaching staff in American public schools has soared by 130 percent, vastly outpacing the growth in teachers” http://t.co/obHY9EPCXc

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) August 14, 2014

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About Those Bus Route Changes… “Walk Zones”

Wake County Schools Bus Schedules have been in flux and have seen changes this year as kids across the county headed back to school. WRAL has reported the following:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Wake County students will walk further to bus stops this traditional school year as the Wake County Public Schools System cuts school bus routes and stops to improve the efficiency of its transportation system, the district announced Monday.

School busses will travel 116 fewer routes and make 4,000 fewer stops than last school year, said the district, which also outlined maximum walking distances to bus stops:

Three-tenths of a mile for elementary students
Half a mile for middle and high school students
With 21,000 stops, most students will not be affected, officials said.

According to one parent, this is crap. Kids who live in the “walk zone” are being told they can’t ride the bus. A Wake parent contacted me and told me the following:

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WCPSS Spends Over 58k On “Envision” Campaign

Wake County Public Schools "Envision" campaign has quite a price tag: $58,750
That money could have gone to teacher pay? Materials? Continue reading

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Want Your Kid’s Transcript? Read The Fine Print.

A reader wrote to me this morning, expressing frustration with NC DPI, Wake County and CFNC over her child’s transcript. Apparently, parents need to read the fine print on the CFNC site (emphasis added): Continue reading

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Wake Cty Schools “Strategic Plan”? More Common Core.

The Wake county public school system (WCPSS) is revising their strategic plan yet again. Work began on this new plan sometime back in February of this year and now WCPSS is having a kick-off of sorts. On Friday, WCPSS held a forum about the “Community Vision For Wake Children”.

The news report from WRAL says a whole lot of nothing about what this new strategic plan entails. Parents who are just finding out about it on their site will have to fire up Google to figure out what this event was about – or read my article. The WRAL video segment has an interview in it of Superintendent Merrill, where he seems to be choosing his words very carefully.

Only the N&O seemed to have a story (behind their pay wall) on this “Community Vision” event prior to the event itself. No big advertising of this event, much like the Wake Superintendent’s Direct Line forum, was done. That Superintendent Direct Line forum had maybe a dozen people show up at any of the given locations. The one I attended was similar, but that didn’t stop nearly every speaker from speaking out against the Common Core. You can read about that Direct Line forum and watch the videos here. At any rate, WCPSS might want to re-think the ‘less-is-more’ strategy of attracting parents to their event. Continue reading

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Letter to Wake Schools Superintendent – Partial Reply

Yesterday I wrote to the Wake County Superintendent, Jim Merrill, about some questions I had with the new budget. You can read the letter here: Letter To Wake Cty Superintendent. I received a reply back from Stella Shelton, interim Chief Communications Officer.

Here is what was received (below). Note that text in blue is Ms. Shelton’s. Text in Black represents my original emailed text. I’ve got a few comments about this reply at the end of this article. Continue reading

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