Trump Lies, you know.

Ok, so yesterday I posted a video about people in Times Square being asked who said a series of different quotes — was it Trump or was it Hillary? The vast majority guessed wrong.

A comment was left that got me thinking about just how many people believe Trump’s ‘whatever candidate lies’ bullcrap and truly have no idea where the other candidates stand. Twitter is littered with Trump supporters yelling ‘they lie’ at all other candidates.

Alternatively, I have to wonder how many Trump supporters know where Trump stands.

Trump lies, you know.

How did that feel, Trump supporters? To have me say that Trump lies? Made you mad? Well, now you’ve had a dose of your own medicine. Can we talk actual facts now?

There were several aspersions cast in the comments section of yesterday’s article. Let’s address some of them, shall we?

However, before we break down some ‘Cruz lies’, let’s be clear: Anyone claiming Cruz is ‘establishment’ needs their head examined.

From day one he has been in the Senate, he has represented the people and fought with the establishment on a regular basis. All one needs to do is to look at how much Lindsey Graham and John McCain hate him to know that is true.

The whole ‘Cruz is a liar’ theme is an Alinsky style deflection tactic. Period. Full Stop.


If Donald Trump has suddenly decided to break with his 40 year history of supporting, funding and defending liberals and their policies, good for him. Having said that, I’m not buying it. At all.

Now, on to the facts.

(Trade Promotion Authority or Fast Track)

Did Cruz support it? Yes.  Free trade is a good thing, people.

Did Cruz change his mind and later oppose it? Yes.

Two major changes went on with TPA. The deal had gone totally sideways and become horribly perverted.

One was Obama’s TiSA – a trade service agreement that bundled in changes to US Immigration law – was being bundled into TPA. This was a very big deal.  Cruz put in an amendment to block such immigration alterations.

The other was the favors and backroom deals being exchanged for votes. In particular, many were withholding support in order to get their way on the EX-IM bank.

Cruz was asked about TPP directly in a Townhall with Jeff Kuhner:

(Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Here is what Cruz has said on TPP:

TPP is a specific trade agreement currently being negotiated by the United States and 11 other countries, including Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. China is not a negotiating partner. There is no final language on TPP because negotiations are still ongoing and have been since late 2009. Neither the Senate nor the House has voted yet on the TPP. There will be no vote on TPP until the negotiations are over and the final agreement is sent to Congress.

Some Key Facts:

  • Neither the Senate nor the House has voted yet on the TPP.
  • Congress is the only entity that can make U.S. law and nothing about TPP or TPA could change that.
  • TPA gives the Congress more control up-front over free trade agreements.
  • TPA mandates transparency by requiring all trade agreements (including TPP) to be made public for at least 60 days before the Congress can act on them.

Cruz has not taken a position to support or oppose TPP yet.

There has been no vote yet and Cruz has said that TPP should not be voted on during a lame duck session.

Cruz said, “No conservative would want a bunch of members who have just been defeated or [are] retiring passing big government liberal policies with Obama in office. TPP needs to be voted on when members are accountable.”


Image Via

Image Via

One of the most hilariously sad things being said is that Cruz supports Obamacare.

No. He doesn’t. He never has and has been the leading voice fighting it in Congress.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has said multiple times that he supports universal healthcare and that he supports the Obamacare mandate. In fact, Trump helped Obamacare to pass.

Trump not says he hates it and Cruz loves it. That’s hilarious given Trump’s own statements on Obamacare.  Trump has recently has said he favors a ‘market-based solution’, yet doesn’t give a single detail about said solution.

Trump is Hillary on healthcare. His recent 180 course change comes after his support of Obamacare. Where was Trump when Conservatives were calling out all the problems with it years ago? He was funding the Democrats pushing it, that’s where.

Heidi Cruz is an evil Goldman Sachs employee
Yes, she works for Goldman Sachs in Houston. So? She’s taken a leave of absence while the campaign is on, by the way.

Are we now vetting the jobs of wives because someday their husband might run for President?  Get real.

Every single politician has ties to one investment firm or another. So does every single person in this country who has a 401k or IRA. Get over it.

The Birther Bullcrap

Yes, I said bullcrap, because it is.  I mean, really people?

How hard is it to understand Cruz’s mom was an American citizen and therefore he is a natural born United State Citizen?

Every single bullcrap (yes, bullcrap) court case challenging his status so far has ruled that he is a natural born citizen. These court cases are again, Alinsky style distractions. The latest rulings were in Illinois, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Fact: He is natural born, not naturalized.
Fact: The Cruz family moved to Texas when Cruz was four years old.
Fact: Cruz has said that when he was a child, that his mother told him that she would have to make an affirmative act to claim Canadian citizenship for him.  As such both he and his family assumed that he did not hold Canadian citizenship and never pursued it until said citizenship was  proven in 2013.
Fact: On May 14, 2014 Cruz filed to officially renounced his Canadian citizenship.

Common Core
The claim Ted Cruz supports Common Core is positively the most amazing lie ever. In no way, shape or form has Cruz ever supported Common Core. He’s been opposed to it from the start and has a good grasp on the fact our Department of Education is totally out of control.

I personally spoke to Cruz last June about Common Core and the Department of Education when he was in Raleigh for the GOP convention.  I literally sat one chair away from him and got to question him on it.  GO READ.

Donald Trump has taken Cruz’s position on Common Core as his own. That’s not conjecture, that’s fact.

What Trump supporters may not know is that Trump has Bill Bennett whispering in his ear about Common Core and Education.  Bennett is a paid Common Core shill.  Governor Abbott took Bennett to task over a year ago on Common Core.

Trump CoreWhat Donald Trump knows about Common Core and education can fit on the head of a pin.

His use of Common Core as a rallying cry is a slap in the face to millions of parent who have been fighting Common Core for the better part of five years now.

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8 Responses to Trump Lies, you know.

  1. B Currin says:

    Well, at least Kendra has some facts to back up her beliefs. You, on the other hand, can only belittle people. Can’t you at least come up with one reason anyone should vote for Cruz??? I thought so.
    By the way, you also had a run-on sentence, and it seems you are clueless as to when you should start a new paragraph.


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      This article is built on facts.
      This article wasn’t about listing reasons to vote for Cruz, but instead debunking idiotic Birthers.
      Anyone belittled deserved it.
      Point out said run-on sentence.


  2. Cyclops618 says:

    Good job exposing the myths being promoted by Trump’s know nothing supporters. Unfortunately, your expose’ will fall almost certainly fall on deaf ears. Most Trump supporters are ignorant of how our government and economy work and lust for revenge on those who they believe are benefitting from it. But to prosper in out capitalistic economy, one must first understand how it works.


    • I am an ignorant Trump supporter with a lust for revenge on the entire DC establishment of which Teddy Cruz is part and parcel. But I do understand how the economy works as I make a lot of money. Or at least I make a lot of money. Trump is not part of the establishment and I will vote for him because the GOP Elite forbid me to do so. And by voting for Trump I get with one sweep of the pen to vote against Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bill & Hillary, Barry, George Soros, Boehner, Mitch, Ryan, Mittens and the Republican Elite.

      Who would not love that vote?


      • A.P. Dillon says:

        Ted Cruz is not establishment whatsoever. Period.
        Trump had funded and supported establishment people in both parties. He is very comfortable having done that for 40 years.


  3. Kendra Tilley says:

    If Cruz wins the nomination I want to hear yourself explain your way out it when Hillary produces the proof that Cruz is not only not a NBC but not even a US citizen. Hillary is praying she gets to Cruz before Trump does. If you did some research on Canadian law back at the time Cruz’s parents were in Canada you might find some of your facts just don’t add up. Like there was no such thing as dual citizenship in Canada when Ted was born in 1970. They did not recognize dual citizenship until 1977. Rafael Cruz was not a Cuban citizen when Ted was born he was a Canadian citizen. He openly admits that. Both he and his wife were registered to vote in Canada. Only Canadian citizens back then could register to vote. If you did some real research into the original intent of NBC as our founders meant it you would see that back then a mother had no rights to transfer anything to a child. Only the father had that ability. Now times have changed but there has never been anything to change our founders intent. Although there have been 8 attempts (2003-2008) to have the NBC requirement removed from the Constitution in order to make Obama legitimate but when that failed they just do as they always do….they lie and they hide the truth. Tell us WHY Cruz has sealed all of his records? You don’t do that unless you have something to hide. But he, just like Obama did to Romney, insists Trump reveal his tax return. So to get back to Canada. Canadian law at the time Rafael became a citizen was that when the husband became a Canadian citizen so did the wife. There was no such thing as dual citizenship so she had to make a choice and there is reason to believe she chose to be Canadian. Ted does not have a US BC. If his mother was an American she was required to file a CRBA to get her son a US BC. That was never done and Ted has never been issued a US BC. Then we have the issue of his wife. That alone should scare the pants off any good American. Her affiliation with the CFR and as a member of the CFR Task Force to create the North American Community. And her boss the evil Goldman Sachs. And then we have Cruz’s donations……Goldman Sachs, several of the largest pro-amnesty groups in the country and much more. And then we have Neil Bush. Have you done any research on this man that Cruz just brought into his campaign. The Bush family is evil and Cruz (and his wife) is deeply embedded with the Bush family. So you have your truth and I have mine. But I can guarantee is he wins the nomination Hillary will eat him alive and he will never see the White House and people that refuse to see the facts and the truth will once again put another traitor in the White House. I pray Trump destroys him first because if he doesn’t Hillary (who is the chosen one by both parties) will be President. Trump put a chink in their chain and they must destroy him in order to put the Queen in the White House. Remember the Obama birther movement was started by Hillary. Check out that little fact. She started it then for unknown reasons (we can figure that out I am sure) she backed off but not after started a ground swell of questions. She will do the same for Cruz but this time she will not back off. You say that Trump knows enough about CC to fit on the head of a pin. Well I didn’t see Cruz do one darn thing to sound the alarm about ESSA he didn’t even have the respect for us to show up for the final vote. And he didn’t show up for the vote to audit the fed. And again look at Cruz’s campaign contributors and people working on his campaign. They are staunch Common Core supporters and promoters. Now do you really think he will put the screws to those that gave him so much money and will only continue to give him money if he tows the line??? not a chance. Trump has given money to many politicians both R and D to get on their good side but they took the money and they did the deeds in order to stay in power and get more money. So who is the bad guy here. The guy that spread around some wealth to many politicians or the politicians that sold their soul and ours to get that money. Beside there is no evidence that any of these politicians did any favors for Trump. And I am sure if they had we would know it by now. Funny how Romney thought Trump was the #1 expert on the economy and business when Trump endorsed him and was giving him money now he sings a different song. So who is the scoundrel? Well only time will tell and the next few months are going to be quite interesting. BUT at the end of the day if we don’t hold whoever wins accountable we will lost in the end again. So what are your plans to hold Ted Cruz accountable IF he gets elected and never upholds one single campaign promise??


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      Thank you for submitting what is basically one giant run-on sentence and I skipped to the end.
      Anyone who makes it through the whole thing is a masochist. It is one big pile of ‘I think I know stuff!’.

      One part made me snort my coffee laughing:

      “And again look at Cruz’s campaign contributors and people working on his campaign. They are staunch Common Core supporters and promoters.”

      Bless your heart.


      • Cyclops618 says:

        To paraphrase John McCain, seems like you’ve attracted a real “wacko bird” on this thread. Unfortunately, that’s not unusual among Trump’s hardcore supporters.


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