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Chair of State Board of Ed Goes All In For… Kasich. – #NCpol

Over at Jones and Blount, there is a story up about NC Board of Education Chairman, Bill Cobey, going all in for John Kasich in the Presidential race.

I don’t want to ever hear how NCSBE Chair Bill Cobey is a “Conservative” again.

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NC-16’s Rep. Millis Endorses Covil for NC-20 Seat

Dispatches from the NCGA House races…

In my inbox just a little while ago popped this endorsement from Rep. Millis in District 16. for Tammy Covil for NC-20. He’s endorsed Tammy Covil over the other challengers in the NC-20 race.

The press release is as follows:

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Grange Common Core Aligns Herself with Educrats, GOPe- #NC20 #NCpol

It’s official folks, if you want a representative in NC-20 that stands with the establishment that are protecting Common Core in North Carolina, look no further than Holly Grange.
Apparently June Atkinson’s Common Core defending pal, Bill Cobey, will be stumping for Ms. Grange at what looks to be a very posh and pricey fundraising event.

Grange apparently likes the GOPe and Common Core Zombies.

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NC Common Core Commission Co-Chair To Members: You Disregarded Your Duty

In a press release yesterday, Academic Standards Commission Co-Chair Covil penned a letter showing her dissent from the Commission’s vote on recommendations which took place at the final meeting on 12/18/15.

In his most recent news letter, Senator Jerry Tillman included Covil’s full letter and added his own comment at the bottom:

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An #NCGA Christmas Present for Parents

I’ve just learned that Lisa Baldwin is running for the General Assembly.

This is a Christmas Present to parents! The idea of Tammy Covil and Lisa Baldwin in the legislature is a win for students and parents.
They are fighters and will definitely bring the boomstick!

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