Covil Comes Out Swinging Early In #NC20 Race

Tammy_Covil-SMimgIn case you missed it, Rick Caitlin won’t be running again for his General Assembly seat representing District 20 (New Hanover).

Conservative Tammy Covil threw her hat in the ring, announcing her campaign live on the radio via the Freedom Action Radio network on November 2nd.

Within a week, Covil suddenly had company in the race. That company that might be unwelcome to voters familiar with Hillary Clinton’s pal,  Sid Blumenthal.

Holly Getz Grange is that unwelcome company. Grange works for Osprey Global Solutions, the company that Clinton’s pal Blumenthal was trying to protect in emails released related to the Benghazi scandal.

Covil’s question was clear:

“I look forward to getting to know you better over the next few months,” Covil wrote in an e-mail Wednesday from her New Hanover County Schools account. “I’m especially interested to hear why emails between Sydney (sic) Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton, which surfaced during the Bengazi (sic) hearings last month, indicate that while Mr. Blumenthal was pushing Secretary Clinton to war in Libya, he was privately lobbying to secure lucrative contracts for your company, Osprey Global Solutions. According to several articles, Mr. Blumenthal appears to own a financial interest in Osprey Global Solutions as well.”

Daily Haymaker has been covering this turn of events and includes Grange’s response:

“It’s very unfortunate that Ms. Covil, a member of my own party, has chosen to start this campaign so negatively and question my family’s service to our country,” Holly Grange told WWAY when reached by phone in Pennsylvania this evening.

Did you  catch that, folks?  Covil asked Grange about her business affiliations and Grange responded with misdirection.

Gee, Ms. Grange, that response was worthy of Hillary herself.

Covil is a fighter and  wasted no time in firing right back with a press release:


Tammy Covil 


Wilmington, North Carolina, November 19, 2015 – Holly Grange’s attempt to avoid serious questions regarding her company’s business dealings with Sidney Blumenthal, a known Clinton operative and crony capitalist, will not deter the public’s quest for answers. Her military service is not, nor has it ever been, in question. She seeks to represent the residents of District 20 in the North Carolina House of Representatives; therefore, the fact that Mr. Blumenthal was actively lobbying to secure lucrative contracts on behalf of her company, Osprey Global Solutions, and that these efforts surfaced in Secretary Clinton’s email communications during the Benghazi hearings, are more than relevant to the position Ms. Grange is pursuing.

The last thing the people of North Carolina need is to send another person to the state house that seeks to line his or her pockets through government connections and surreptitious contracts.

The people of New Hanover County are demanding answers. It appears that Ms. Grange is not listening.

Covil clearly isn’t playing around.  Good for her.

I have no doubt Ms. Grange is a nice person, who served her country and considers herself to be a conservative, however there is the unmistakable stink of Establishment cologne in the air.

I’ll have more about the candidates in the NC 20 race in the coming weeks and months.

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