Grange Common Core Aligns Herself with Educrats, GOPe- #NC20 #NCpol

It’s official folks, if you want a representative in NC-20 that stands with the establishment that are protecting Common Core in North Carolina, look no further than Holly Grange.

Apparently June Atkinson’s Common Core defending pal, Bill Cobey, will be stumping for Ms. Grange at what looks to be a very posh and pricey fundraising event.

Grange - Cobey Fundraiser

There you have it, folks.

If a gal who is aligning herself with the GOP establishment AND cronies of Democrat June Atkinson along with her Common Core zombies is your idea of a quality candidate, then by all means vote for Holly Grange.

Grange, from what I’ve researched, has zero experience with education and hasn’t renounced Common Core. Heck, she hasn’t even said the words ‘Common Core’. So, of course it makes perfect sense one of the top Educrats in the state would come stump for her.

It will be interesting to see if Grange’s husband’s name pops up in any more Clinton emails on Benghazi now that a new cache of emails has been miraculously located by the State Department.

For those of you asking, ‘wait, back up a second, who is Bill Cobey?’, let me enlighten you.

Atkinson & Cobery 1

Atkinson & Cobey – BESTIES!

He’s generally a nice guy and certainly he seems to have good intentions,  but unfortunately he seems to suffer from the problem of being in over his head a lot and subsequently doing whatever he’s told.

Cobey chairs the State board of Education and was about  as useful as a pickle in a peanut butter sandwich on the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC).

From the get-go, Cobey seems to have been put on the ASRC to nod his head and defend Common Core in any way possible — mission accomplished!

Quite frankly, neither Cobey nor Olivia Oxendine should have been on the ASRC since they both sit on the State Board of Ed and as such would have an active part in determining the ultimate fate of Common Core in NC.

It’s apparently well-known in certain circles that Mr. Cobey sincerely dislikes Tammy Covil, who was the first to throw her hat in the ring for the NC-20 seat.

Covil served as the ASRC Co-chair and was very effective in highlighting the issues with the standards, as well as pointing out the big money pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Mr. Cobey apparently didn’t like that and is now campaigning for Covil’s opposition.

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