Local High School Assault Makes The Smoking Gun. Oh Good.

In case you missed it, an East Wake High School student bit off a large part of another student’s earlobe during a fight on a Wake county school bus ride on March 4th.

18 year-old Amber Monay Romero bit off part of a large portion the earlobe of  16 year-old Emiyah Lane Brown.

The story was picked up by Hollywood tabloid, The Smoking Gun, calling Romero a “Tyson Wannabe Arrested on Chomping Charge”.

Oh good.

ABC 11 has the meat of it:

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said Romero was headed home on a bus from East Wake High School last week when another student hit her with a lunch bag. He said that started a fight, and during the fight Romero bit off a large portion of the other girl’s right ear lobe.

Contacted by phone at WakeMed, the other student’s mother told ABC11 that her daughter was in surgery, apparently to repair the ear.

Romero’s mother says her daughter regrets the incident.

“I really truly feel sorry for the family and we, me and my daughter, sincerely apologize and we both hate it that this happened to her. We really did. You know, I’m sorry that this happened. I just want to apologize to her and the family on the behalf of me and my daughter,” Rynee Romero said after her daughter left the courtroom.

Romero’s mother went on to say that her daughter acted out this way because of bullying.

Well Thats Not A HomeschoolUm, who’s bullying who here? A lunch bag swung at you does not mean go you all Mike Tyson on the other kid to the point that kid needs surgery.

As it turns out, Romero’s request to reduce her bail was denied to to another outstanding assault charge in 2014 and an arrest in 2015 for failing to appear in court on the 2014 charge.

According to the location listed for the 2014 arrest, that assault apparently took place at East Wake High.

Here’s an abbreviated look at what Wake Mugshots had:

Age: 17
Charge(s)12-15-2014 14-33(A) ASSAULT AND BATTERY

Age: 17
Charge(s)03-02-2015 15A-543(C) FTA-ASSAULT AND BATTERY

Age: 18
Charge(s)03-04-2016 14-32.4 ASSAULT SERIOUS BODILY INJURY

Reminder: There are groups out there who are pushing the “school to prison pipeline” narrative in Wake county, as I’ve noted here on the blog multiple times. I just recently noted it again for my latest article at Civitas, School Crime Report has Interesting Ups and Downs.

These groups are promoting the removal of School Resource Officers (SRO) and are suing Wake County over the use of  SRO’s in Wake schools because they allegedly abuse their power.

Also, they claim that black students, usually males, are disproportionately disciplined for altercations at school than students of other races.

There are likely a host of reasons any given altercation happens, which these groups fail to note or consider that perhaps black students are committing more of the offenses to begin with. These groups also fail to note that in NC, white students are not far behind them. Check out the 2014-15 school crime report statistics.

It’s interesting to note the silence of these groups on cases like this one, which seem to debunk their narratives.

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