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Powerschool Continues To Fail – #NCed

Through the course of my inquiries about Powerschool, the student data capturing program, the following note (below) landed in my inbox.

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Heartland Article: Common Core TextBook Publisher – It’s all about the money

My latest article at Heartland School News is now available:

Textbook Vendor: Common Core Standards ‘All About the Money’
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Your Child’s Data Is Safe… They Said. #WCPSS Student Hacks Powerschool Multiple Times.

So, a student has been arrested for hacking into a Wake county school to change his grade
He did it multiple times…. MULTIPLE.

But your child’s data is safe… they said. Continue reading

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Project Veritas’s 3rd Video is Vindication for Common Core Fighters

Those of us fighting Common Core who have noted the bias, the questionable origins and complained about the ridiculous methods and supporting materials have been ridiculed, slammed, insulted and called every name in the book over the last five years.

From unicorns to tinfoil hats to Common Core writers telling parents to ‘butt out’, Common Core opposition (mainly outraged parents and teachers) has endured a non-stop bashing by Common Core supporters.

Shorter: ‘SHUT UP!’, explained Common Core supporters.

Well, vindication is now ours.

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#DM7 Article: The Path Of Predetermination

This is a repost of my Da Tech Guy column: The Path Of Predetermination Continue reading

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Gates Funded and CCSS Tied ETS Study: American Kids Are Dumb

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has a new report out. In a nutshell, one blog summarizes the findings as ‘American kids are dumb’.

The Economic Collapse Blog reported:

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Pearson Is Everywhere: Spying and Student Data Privacy Edition

Welcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time we looked at Pearson being selected to create the PISA 2018 tests.
Today, we’ll be checking out how Pearson is spying on students using social media and Pearson’s claims about student data privacy in Colorado. Continue reading

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