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Special Edition #NCED Updates: WCPSS Is A Hot Mess

There is a lot going on in North Carolina education at the moment, but there needs to be a spotlight on the fact that the largest school district in the state, Wake County, is a flaming hot mess. Continue reading

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WCPSS ‘Equity Affairs’ Office Now Costing Taxpayers $574,647 Per Year

The Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS) Office of “Equity Affairs” is now costing taxpayers $574,647 a year for a staff of four. Continue reading

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#WCPSS Staffer Warns Teachers: Don’t “Culturally Appropriate” for Thanksgiving Activities

This is what making $85,000 a year allows you to do in Wake County Public Schools: Virtue Signal on Twitter by telling teachers not to be ‘culturally appropriating’ in your “cute” Thanksgiving classroom activities. Continue reading

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Cash Complaining WCPSS Board Paying “Equity Affairs” Employees Over $300,000

Last week I wrote about the largest district in North Carolina hiring two women into their “Office of Equity Affairs.” One of the women is a Social Justice Warrior hack from Teaching Tolerance, the education indoctrination arm of the hate … Continue reading

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WCPSS: All Aboard the ‘Equity’ Train

Last Summer, I wrote about the hiring of Rodney Trice as the Director of “Equity Affairs” for Wake County Schools. Trice is being paid $125k for that position.

In that 2014 article, I mentioned this was part of dealing with the ‘school to prison pipeline’ narrative and various related lawsuits filed against the district.

A recent article at News and Observer confirms I was right: Wake County to discuss equitable student discipline plan Continue reading

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WCPSS Hires Single “Office Of Equity Affairs” Staff For $125k

Wake County Public Schools has hired someone for the new “Office of Equity Affairs”.

You read that correctly, “Office of Equity Affairs”.

The office’s budget is an annual $204,846, The title of the role there is Assistant Superintendent and is being filled by Rodney Trice with a base salary being $125,000. Let’s think about the optics here:

Teachers haven’t seen their raises yet.
The Wake County School Board, along with Superintendent Merrill, want to hike taxes to pay for their own county’s teacher raises.
Let’s keep a social justice office on the books and pay someone 125k to run it while a lawsuit related to said office is ongoing in Wake County. Coincidence I’m sure.
Continue reading

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