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Occupy Monday Still Harping On Voter ID

The movement that required you show ID to attend their rally opposing voter ID is planning yet another event. Will ID be required at this one too?

#MoralMarch will protest NC’s new “racist” #VoterID, but you’re req’d to bring photo ID to the march. #ncpol pic.twitter.com/w14mzejdSn

— Stacey-SisterToldjah (@sistertoldjah) February 8, 2014

The announcement of a new Occupy Monday event earned 4 short paragraphs from the Associated Press via Blueridge Now:

RALEIGH, N.C. — A caravan of people urging the restoration of the Voting Rights Act will join North Carolina activists in Raleigh in a protest. Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: Racism Wrapped In A Preachers Collar

On February 8th, downtown will host to the annual HK on J march (Historic Thousands on Jones Street). The NC NAACP holds it every year. This year they are calling it a “people’s assembly”, which reminds me of Occupy in a few ways. Given the recent racist remarks about black conservatives from NC NAACP’s Reverend Barber, one has to wonder what he will say next to top it.
Come for the vitriol and rhetoric, stay for the arrests… or something. Continue reading

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NCNAACP Press Release Details Three Pronged Attack

On January 25th, the NC NAACP released a statement detailing a three-pronged line of attack on political targets. These statements were a re-iteration of a speech Reverend Barber made in a church. The statements even says he “spoke at length” on these topics. At what point in the political pot banging, in a church no less, does this 501(c)3 and its activities merit some scrutiny?

The statement reads like an extension of the Blueprint NC attack memo, only with more specific targets. Here are the three bolded attack items below, the details can be read in the full copy of the statement is here. They can be summarized in one sentence: That’s racist. Continue reading

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#BlueprintNC Mondays Losing Steam… But Not Caskets?

This was Moral Monday 18. This one was a “Youth” led event complaining about SB 589 also known as VIVA. The turn out was the biggest event ever! About two dozen turned out from the looks of the ABC 11 shot:

#MoralMonday 18 underway at Baptist church on Wilmington #NAACP #ABC11 pic.twitter.com/qzISocX73o

— AngelicaAlvarezABC11 (@AlvarezABC11) September 16, 2013

Protest Fatigue or have they worn out their welcome like Occupy? Maybe both.
I found two live streams of the event and both kept the camera zoomed in on the speaker. When they did pan, all 3 or so dozen people were clapping wildly and I am including the throng around the podium in that assessment. (Stream 1, Stream 2)

By the way, Reverend Barber got up last and went on to talk about the Birmingham bombing. Barber went on to say that the blood of those 4 girls who were murdered in Birmingham 50 years ago was now on the hands of the members of the NCGA, Speaker Tillis and Governor McCrory. Continue reading

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NC NAACP’s Rev. Barber Engages In #ShutUppery PT 2

Hey, remember when I posted that article on Reverend Barber engaging in meaningful dialogue at at “press conference” with Betsy Meads, the Vice Chairman of the Republican Party in Pasquotank County? Come on, you remember — Reverend Barber was telling the crowd how “We’re not gonna just shoot one bullet, we’re gonna shoot ‘em all.”


Well, I commented on the related video on YouTube and a funny thing happened. More #ShutUppery! This was special #ShutUppery though. I got into a little tit-for-tat with a young man named Eric Preston. After a few exchanges, a comment was removed before I could reply to it. Continue reading

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Reverend Barber Engages In #ShutUppery (video)

Around 900 arrests made during Moral Monday to send a message to the GOP at the NCGA, yet when given the chance to engage in dialogue Reverend Barber chooses again for more #ShutUppery.

Read more about #ShutUppery: MoMoMo: The Moral Monday Concert Series

Nice catch here by WatchDogWire NC:

Also on August 20, Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP and a National Board member as well, held a press conference on behalf of King. He calls the challenge to King’s candidacy “a crime against democracy.” He goes on to say, “Let me say we will now take questions, questions from members of the media.”


When Betsy Meads, author of the video, identified herself as Vice Chairman of the Republican Party in Pasquotank County and a blogger on ElizabethCity.com, Barber motioned that he wanted to go to another question from the audience. Meads was attempting to present information to Barber which shows reasonable people agree that election laws for college student voters need to be adjusted. Continue reading

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NC NAACP Sets Up Voter ID Misinformation Line; NC PolicyWatch Promotes

Foward Together and Not One Step Back!

The NC NAACP has set up a voter ID concern ‘hotline’ to handle calls about the racism voter suppression here in North Carolina contained in HB 589. The NC NAACP’s propaganda and BluePrint NC pals, NC PolicyWatch, were all too happy to promote it:

He also announced along with NAACP attorney Jamie Phillips that the NAACP had established a new toll-free hotline that North Carolinians can call with concerns about voting and voting rights. The number is 1-855-664-3487 (i.e. 1-855-NO ID 4 US). Phillips said the number would be staffed with live NAACP members who would connect callers and/or relay their concerns to voting rights experts.

“Voting rights experts.” Do they mean like Rachel Maddow? Continue reading

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