The Corporate Hypocrisy on #HB2

Predictably, the LGBT community has once again made something all about them.  No, this is about me, my neighbor — everyone in the state.

Equality NC is positively giddy at the prospect that 80.. no, sorry, 120 businesses have signed their complaint letter.

Yes, sign their letter.. or else. You will be made to care. Especially in Asheville.

The corporate hypocrisy is palpable. As I said in my latest article at IJ Review, I doubt any of them even know what the law says, that goes double for the Charlotte ordinance.

Brian Balfour at Civitas lays out some of the bigger hypocrites like Redhat, who had a corporate welfare package around $20 million.

HypocritesTake a look at Apple, one of the companies stomping its social justice foot. Isn’t their headquarter’s men’s room sign awesome?

Wait, they have a men’s room? Where’s the unisex bathroom sign? After all, that’s what the Charlotte ordinance decreed — No single sex bathrooms anywhere in the city limits.

None of these business seem to be going anywhere, save for the already fickle entertainment industry folks who flock to whatever state gives them the biggest tax break or subsidy.  I’m with Glenn Reynolds on this one — repeal the Hollywood tax cuts.

The NCAA is musing about cutting North Carolina ‘out of the loop‘ for future tournaments, yet where is the 2016 NCAA Final Four being held? In Houston, where an ordinance  just like the one in Charlotte was defeated.

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) wasn’t defeated by the Texas legislature, it was defeated by the voters by a wide margin of 61-39%.  Perhaps Charlotte took a page out of that book and made their ordinance go into effect so quickly — so the legislature couldn’t put it on the ballot.

What’s interesting to me is to see how, with the help of ridiculous slanted media headline, HB 2 is now being called  an ‘LGBT bill.  It’s not. It’s a privacy and public safety bill that was a necessary reaction to Charlotte’s dangerous and illegal ordinance.

You don’t see the media ever really mentioning the Charlotte ordinance and what it did or that the effort was being spearheaded by a now former member of the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce — who is a registered sex offender.

Here’s what the Charlotte ordinance did, and what arguably these hypocritical corporations are siding with:

  • Made single sex bathrooms illegal inside the city limits for state and private businesses, as well as schools.
  • Granted legal access to any facility, at any time, by anyone.  This opened the door for sexual predators to have legal access to areas they did not have before.
  • Violated the NC Constitution.
  • Violated multiple state privacy statutes (indecent exposure).
  • Violated existing state criminal trespass law.
  • Violated building codes.

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  1. Cyclops618 says:

    Why not obtain and publicize the list of the 120 companies who signed the letter protesting HB2?Circulate it to all conservative groups for dissemination to their members or emails to their mailing lists. Use the same strategy that NC Blue uses to coordinate the activities of liberal groups. Encourage conservatives not to patronize those businesses that are threatening economic sanctions on NC.


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