NC Media Can’t Count: #HB2 Edition

From the News and Observer to ABC 11, the NC media has proven time and again they can’t count or really even estimate well.

While our media reported continually on the ‘biggest Moral Monday ever’ each time one of their rallies was held, the media wasn’t so interested in a  huge crowd gathered in Raleigh in support of HB 2.

Media said it was a couple hundred. Other outlets said maybe 500. No one said thousand or more which is more accurate,  given the photos that have emerged and statements from those in attendance.


Clearly, there was closer to a 1,000 on those grounds, but hey.. it’s ‘hundreds’:

Photos taken before the rally actually started in order to give the impression it was small?

By the way, here are the dozen or so protestors who showed up who, according some in attendance, apparently yelled some nasty things those attending the HB2 Support rally:

Oh and by the way, this happened:

Roy Cooper’s best pal.

A line from the movie Working Girl comes to mind here: “Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna. Never will.


Will the Media Ignore the Over 500 Men Women and Children Who Gathered to Support HB2?

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