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Chapel Hill Public Library To Host Panel On “Teaching Diversity to Children”

It’s Groundhog Day in Chapel Hill.

Publicly funded Chapel Hill Public Library will host a panel on “Teaching Diversity to Children” on July 8th featuring former Effland Cheek’s 3rd grade teacher, Omar Currie.

From the Chapel Hill Library website announcing the event:

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School Employees Resigned or Did They Intend Not To Return… Back in March?

Local media outlets are reporting that teacher Omar Currie and Assistant Principal Goodhand have resigned from Efland Cheeks Elementary over the reading of a Gay Fairy Tale to 8 and 9 year old Third graders.

But did they really resign? Sources tell me otherwise. Continue reading

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Teacher Omar Currie Just Doesn’t Get That Controversy Isn’t About HIM (Video)

In my inbox over the weekend was a video of an interview between Efland Cheeks Elementary teacher, Omar Currie, and a NewsMax reporter.

Currie manages to make it mostly about him being a victim… of his own activism. Continue reading

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PR Firm EducationNC on Book Controversies: Parents, Let the Experts Decide

PR Firm, EducationNC, has a new article up by Ann McColl. She harps on the policy of the schools as having the right to decide what your kid reads and sees at school.

In a nutshell: Parents, you should let the ‘experts’ decide what your kids read and learn.

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About Teacher Omar Currie’s Claim About Bullying…(Updated)

This past month at Efland Cheeks Elementary, 8 and 9 year-old kids were read a ‘fairytale’ that contained themes about homosexuality by teacher Omar Currie.

Currie claimed this book was chosen and read due to an incident of bullying he witnessed.
The claim is unsubstantiated to date and evidence that this book reading might have been a planned event has come to light.

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