School Employees Resigned or Did They Intend Not To Return… Back in March?

Local media outlets are reporting that teacher Omar Currie and Assistant Principal Goodhand have resigned from Efland Cheeks Elementary over the reading of a Gay Fairy Tale to 8 and 9-year-old Third graders.


In fact, it is News and Observer is the one reporting these two school employees have resigned.

“Omar Currie and Meg Goodhand of Efland-Cheeks Elementary School submitted resignation letters, Orange County Schools spokesman Seth Stephens said Monday.”

I have it on good authority from multiple parties associated with Efland Cheeks Elementary that school officials informed them that the pair did not just ‘resign’, but in fact paperwork back in March of their intent not to return to Efland Cheeks the next year.

I reached out to Mr. Stephens on these ‘resignations’ earlier today. Stephens could not comment on the “intent” letters due to confidentiality reasons.

Stephens was able to confirm claims that the original meeting covered by News and Observer had a “large number of attendees not from Efland Cheeks Elementary”, including the Mayor of Carboro.  This confirms complaints by parents who did attend that the crowd was “astroturfed by LGBT activists”.   Stephens has offered to send me the list of attendees.

I invite Mr. Currie and Ms. Goodhand to comment here or to contact me to either verify or deny such ‘intent’ paperwork was filed. Current attempts to reach them for comment have gone unanswered.

I also inquired with Mr. Stephens as to whether a report of this alleged bullying incident was filed. ” No report of bullying in Currie’s classroom, “, said Stephens,  “or in the entire Third grade at Efland Cheeks was report this year.”

I’ve also been in touch with many of the families involved in the alleged bullying incident as reported by Currie.  Three families have countered his claim that the ‘bullying’ incident did not occur in the fashion Currie has recounted to date. In fact, Currie has changed or altered his story three times now.

The incident did not involve students bullying another student using a ‘gay slur’, but instead an argument over access to a “station” during their Specials program. A teacher intervened, and from the report I received, the intervening teacher was the one doing the bullying which resulted in a young girl crying.

It was indicated to me that the young boy who was the alleged target of the alleged slurs or insults actually had been the one to insult another person earlier in the school year — that person being Mr. Currie himself.

Parents at the school also tell me that Currie did not contact all the parents. Several families were left out of communications. Conspicuously, these families self-identified as Christian.

It was also brought to my attention by two separate parents that the day the alleged incident occurred, no parents were contacted and the book was read that very same day. Apparently, Assistant Principal Goodhand had it waiting and ready to give to Currie.

Three complaints are filed and, according to the parents, will remained filed despite the ‘resignations’ and alleged pressure being put on them from the school to drop the complaints. The next public meeting is June 18th, 6pm at Gravelly Hill Middle School, in Efland.

Again, I invite Mr. Currie and Ms. Goodhand to affirm or deny they filed paperwork with the intent not to return to Efland Cheeks next year prior to their “resignations”.

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  3. Deborah Davis says:

    By far the BEST, most informative, and honest article written to date on the incident at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School where Omar Currie read a book focusing on Homosexuality to his third grade class under the farce of something as serious as Bullying. I attended the last open forum meeting at this school regarding the pros and cons of the book being added to the schools curriculum. The book did not belong to the school at the time it was read, nor was it part of the curriculum. I personally witnessed what can only be called an outburst of pure rage from Mr. Currie as he presented his thoughts on not just his justification for reading the book, but his outrage that ANYONE would question his decision……..much less the parents of his class students. I find it ironic that most of our local (and even a National) news media post a picture of Mr. Currie at the meeting with a smile on his face seemingly content as if “all is well”. Yet during his three minutes at which time he was allowed and instructed as all speakers, to address only the panel in front of us. I saw him yelling and shaking his fist in the air as he turned and continued to yell at the audiance with his entire body shaking. Mr. Currie was further outraged by the principles decision and earlier announcement to faculty and parents that in addition to current instructional requirements (which Mr. Currie is in violation of by his actions) all teachers WILL BE REQUIRED to complete a form prior to using any instructional materials not owned by the school. On the form, the teachers must document how the text aligns to the curriculum, pre and post activities connected to the text, and the date the text will be used. BEFORE they can use the text, the principle will review their form and make a determination about whether or not the text is aligned to the curriculum. Mr. Currie found this to be interference in his determination of what is best in his classroom…..and stated he reads over 500 books during the school year, suggesting this requirement would be too time consuming. Does that mean he has been reading other text/literature that did not belong to the school and/or was not part of the approved curriculum. I can’t help but wonder why Mr. Currie is the only teacher that has expressed opposition to this new requirement. Especially, when all along, teachers at this school were required to document their instructional decisions on an electronic document shared with the grade level team and administration. This existing policy (which Mr. Currie did not follow) allowed each grade level team to record their discussions about the curriculum and how they would provide instruction to students. This existing policy AND the new guidelines have been put into place. If Mr. Currie had followed school policy, he would have prevented this entire incident and the predicument he finds himself in.


    • Ms. Davis,
      Thank you for your comment here. I’ve tried to cover what the media will not — and that is the position of the parents and children involved. The media has been fixated on Mr. Currie, when in fact, it was the families who bore the injury in this case.

      For me, it is quite clear that Parental rights were trampled in the name of “social justice”. Mr. Currie and Ms. Goodhand used these children to implement the presentation they gave at the LGBT conference they went to just over a week before this alleged ‘bullying’ incident. An incident I’ve come to find out was not anything like how Currie portrayed it.

      I hope the parents who have filed complaints do not remove them or this pair will seek another school to insert social issues over academics. Were it me, I’d be taking this up at the school board level and making the state board of education aware of the incident.


      • Deborah Davis says:

        I agree with you 100%. To use young, innocent, and influential children that don’t understand the concept of homosexuality has been disturbing to both children and parents. I wish more parents would have voiced their disapproval of the violation of their rights and responsibilities to protect their children. The book reading required some parents to explain a subject that they (children) are not of age to even comprehend at the age of 8. The LGBT community has been having a field day with this and all the media, which I believe was their agenda. When you have to stoop to brainwashing young children to further force a belief that is not supported by their own parents, they (LGBT) went WAY too far!!!!! The local response has been if conservative Christians don’t like liberal education, take your precious christian children to a private christian school, home school them —– OR MOVE to a less liberal county!!!!! Yet they profess to be so full of love and claim conservatives are full of hate and unacceptance. They claim to be spreading a lifestyle that everyone should be treated the same even if their actions and beliefs are different, and further have repeated it is the attitudes of most conservatives that cause homosexuals to commit suicide. Though bullying is NEVER acceptable and a growing epidemic, homosexuals are definitely not the only ones to commit suicide. All they do is contradict themselves. These two school employees knew exactly what they were doing (it was premeditated), and they knew exactly what the reaction of school and parents would be. But they had the support they also knew they would have and I do believe though they have resigned and left a huge mess for the school and parents to clean up, they intend to do it all over again at other schools!!!!!!!! Again, thank you for presenting the truth that local papers and even national TV would not. All they want is a story and were not concerned about the real true victims “the children”! God Bless


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