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Orange Public Schools Equity Dept. email details segregated “Affinity Spaces”

According to an email from the Orange County Public Schools Equity Dept., the district is planning to set up racially segregated safe spaces called “Affinity Spaces.” Continue reading

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#WCPSS Updates: Magnet school hypocrisy, failing third graders, academic “integration” options

In this installment: Magnet school awards, failing third graders, academic “integration” options and other Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS) headlines. Continue reading

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Orange County Teacher arrested on 30 year old child rape charges

An Orange County Public Schools teacher was arrested on child sex crime charges that go back over 30 years. Continue reading

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NC Teacher Who Pushed Trump-Hitler Comparisons Resigns in Wake of Investigation

A North Carolina high school English Teacher has apparently resigned in the wake of an investigation into politically charged lessons that included comparing speeches by Adolf Hitler to that of Presidential candidate Donald Trump.
At the Orange County School Board meeting this past Monday, the Board Chair, Dr. Stephen Halkiotis, issued a statement about recent turn of events at Cedar Ridge High School. Continue reading

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NC High School Issues Reminder After Questionable Trump-Hitler Lesson

Last week, this site reported on a high school English teacher’s controversial lessons involving comparisons between Presidential candidate, Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

National and international outlets, such as FOX News and The Daily Mail UK, picked up the story.

In the wake of these lessons, this site has obtained an email that went out to staff at the school. The email reminds staff of the district policies on politics in the classroom, stating that, “There are some places that personal, political viewpoints do not belong.”

View the email: Continue reading

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About Teacher Omar Currie’s Claim About Bullying…(Updated)

This past month at Efland Cheeks Elementary, 8 and 9 year-old kids were read a ‘fairytale’ that contained themes about homosexuality by teacher Omar Currie.

Currie claimed this book was chosen and read due to an incident of bullying he witnessed.
The claim is unsubstantiated to date and evidence that this book reading might have been a planned event has come to light.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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