Teacher Omar Currie Just Doesn’t Get That Controversy Isn’t About HIM (Video)

In my inbox over the weekend was a video of an interview between Efland Cheeks Elementary teacher, Omar Currie, and a NewsMax reporter.

The topic of the video was the reading of a homosexual themed book to 8 year-olds in Curry’s 3rd grade class without notifying their parents. However, Currie used the time to make it all about him.

The book, King and King, has been subject to a Federal Lawsuit (2006) and has been objected to before in North Carolina (2004).

If you haven’t been following this story, get caught up:

Ok, here’s the video clip below. It’s not very long, but Currie manages to use the time to paint himself as a victim… of his own activism.

Shorter: LGBT activist and Teacher, Omar Currie, still knows what is best for your child. Parental rights? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

He also revises his account of the ‘bullying incident‘ for a third time.

“The incident actually occurred while they were in P.E., I dropped my kids off at specials like I normally do every single day and I came to pick them up and uh, there were two students who were… (unintelligible)…
One student was a male student who was being bullied and he said that his peers were calling him ‘a woman’ and ‘a girl’ and that they had used the word ‘gay’ in a way that hurt his feelings…”

Reminder: First Currie claimed the incident was generically a kid being called ‘gay’, then it changed to a boy being called a “girly girl”.  Now, the alleged incident happened in P.E. class and we have ‘gay’ and ‘woman’ being used. Also, a new addition of a little girl crying.

Currie admits in the video that he read the book King and King the same day the incident happened.  So much for informing the parents of the children allegedly involved in the incident, muchless the parents of the rest of the class.

Speaking of the parents, several from the school have reached out to me that he has not spoken to all the parents in his class as he claims to have done in this video.

Don’t miss the spot where Currie was asked ‘why this book?’.

Key quotes:

“3rd grade is full of what we call “girl drama”…most teacher do.. I have addressed “girl drama” in the same exact way – by reading a book.”
(Really, what book was that??)

“That never crossed my mind…”
(With regard to the parents having a problem with the book).

“When we’re learning new things it’s perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable.”
(With regard to a student saying this made him uncomfortable. Remember, Currie has already changed his account of the incident three times…)

Reporter: “Do you think what you did is correct..for a teacher to do?”
Currie: “I think so. I think..the..the telling moment of that is that the kid who was being bullied hasn’t been bullied since. And he was so happy that I read the book that he shared that with a reading specialist at our school.”
(That’s a new claim… do the kid’s parents know that?)

Last question asked was ‘have there been any repercussions, are you considering resigning?’:

“Yes, I’ve definitely considered resigning because of the lack of support I’ve received in my district…ummm..there…have..I expected that my district would be behind my instructional decision, they would come out for it and say that we support Omar’s decision to read this text. But they haven’t done that. It’s made working quite tense honestly.”

Currie makes no mention of the three complaints that have been filed against him by parents as reported by various news outlets.

The very last line really drills it home:

“I appreciate those people who have been sending comments that make me feel like I’ve definitely done the right thing, but I appreciate those people allowing me to still do my job – which is teach and NOT interfere with my instructional day.”

Omar Currie knows what is best for your child, so don’t you dare “interfere”.


UPDATE: Omar Currie will be teaching in Alexandria, VA this Fall according to WRAL.

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