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#DM7 Article: NC Common Core Update

This is a reposting of my DaTechGuy weekly column: NC Common Core Update


By A.P. Dillon

South Carolina has dumped the Common Core. So has Oklahoma and Missouri is on its way. While I’ve been busy following other states, I am right in the middle of what is happening in my own state of North Carolina. Here are some updates. Continue reading

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Pat McCrory Shifting On Common Core?

Governors in states surrounding North Carolina and across the country have all realized what a mess Common Core is.

Governor Pence dumped it.
Governor Haley got rid of it.
Governor Fallin got rid of it.
Governor Nixon has just to sign to be rid of it.
Governor Jindal is making moves to drop it.
Governor Haslam made the first move to stop it by dropping the PARCC tests.
Governor Cuomo has a full on insurrection of moms in NY; in time, likely they will dump it.

Also worth noting:
The Republican National Committee has a resolution opposing it.
The U.S. Congress has a resolution opposing it.

Our state of NC has a conference committee hammering out the details between SB 812 and HB 1061. The end result will be a commission to replace Common Core and create higher standards for North Carolina, the removal of a copyrighted brand name from our statutes, the restoration of educational sovereignty to our state and the return of a true education to our students. Having said that, the question remains:
Is North Carolina’s Governor McCrory coming around finally?

The answer? Maybe so. Continue reading

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#NCGA House Ed Cmte Passes PCS To #SB812

Yesterday at the NC General Assembly, the House Education Committee passed a PCS (proposed committee change) to Senate Bill 812 – Maintain State Auth. Over Academic Standards. The PCS passed 25-17.

PCS to #SB812 Ayes 25 Nos 17. Motion passes. #NCGA #StopCommonCore

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 19, 2014

My understanding is that what this PCS does is to substitute the language of HB 1061 for that of SB 812. From what I gathered, the bill will head to a conference committee sometime next week. In that conference committee a compromise will have to be hammered out which takes SB 812 and includes a large portion of the language of HB 1061. From there, it will be voted on by both chambers of the NCGA and will be sent to the Governor for signature.

Here is what I tweeted out during the meeting yesterday: Continue reading

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#CommonCore NC Action Item: Contact Senate Ed Cmte

Common Core Fighters in North Carolina,

We need to act once again.

keep-calm-and-pass-hb-1061 twitter piIt has come to my attention the Senate Education Committee is possibly trying to avoid conferencing with the House to merge HB 1061 and SB 812. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. SB 812, as it stands by itself, is a weaker bill than HB 1061. The two need to be merged.

To the NC Chamber folks reading this: We know you like SB 812 and we know why.

Section Five? SB 812 has language keeping the Common Core Testing Consortia on the table. Common Core is driven by data, which these consortia require as well. NC is still part of the SBAC and we MUST withdraw or all of this is for not. North Carolina would do far better with a proven, public use set of tests that have no strings attached like the SBAC and PARCC do.

Let’s be clear: Without PARCC /SBAC, Common Core dies. With them, Common Core lives. Continue reading

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#CommonCore Action Alert – Inquire on Status of HB 1061

What is the status of HB 1061/ SB 812?

We know these bills passed their respective Houses and have since been referred to their respective education committees:
Since then, we have heard little about the conference committee to merge these bills.
Yes, it is time to get on the phone and fire up the emails yet again!
Continue reading

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