GUEST POST: Are #NCGA Legislators Listening To Parents?

Over the last month, me and the army of moms in North Carolina fed up and concerned with Common Core have been deluging the legislature with letters and calls. One of these fighters has been collecting responses. So far, out of 150 letters sent, she’s seen a small return. Having said that, some of the responses should be noted by parents as to who in the NC General Assembly wants to keep the straps of the Common Core  in place over our children’s education and over our state’s sovereignty. While the House shows clear support for getting rid of Common Core in the responses below, the Senate does not.

Down below is what was sent to me. I have only altered the text in order to better format it for presentation in this article.  If parents out there want a bigger microphone to express their displeasure with Common Core or have received responses back they wish to share, I will happily offer this blog as a place they can do so. Email me at

By the way, parents should be aware of this story — perhaps share it with their reps/senators.


To the Representatives who voted for H1061, this is the letter they received. It was a picture of support.

Dear Representative _________  ,

 I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for becoming a champion for our NC students of all ages by supporting H1061, Replacing CCSS with NC’s HigherAcademic Standards! I realize the road ahead is not 100% clear at this point, but I feel confident in the fact that we, citizens and legislators can and should work together to solve this! I know I’m ready!!

 I want to encourage you to continue to support H1061 through its journey so we can do great things for our students by giving them more appropriate standards than Common Core. Our students are so much more than ‘common’. I have found the students I’ve been honored to equip are beyond ‘common’, in fact, I would dare say, each of them is ‘extra-ordinary’!

I congratulate you on not only identifying this fact, but supporting it with your vote.

Should you need any further research or information about Common Core Standards or how we can do better, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am a private educator and have been honored to spend most of my teaching/leading our future citizens, here in NC.

 <Signature and enclosures followed>


So far, I’ve had the following people respond. Note their comments are included.
Rep. Jeter: “My pleasure”

Rep. Riddell: “Thank you for your kind words of encouragement regarding HB1061. We can do better in our state. Keep up the good work at your end and I will endeavor to keep up the good work here in Raleigh at my end.”

Rep. B. Jones: “You’re welcome, and thank you”

Rep. B. Brawley: “Thank you for your email and support for what is best for our children in North Carolina.

Representative Brawley welcomes your comments and values your input to make the most informed decisions possible.  The liberties we hold most dear – the right to choose what is best for our families and the freedom to live out those values are at stake in the common core debate.  It is citizens like you who understand the core issues that continue to make North Carolina the great state it is.

Again, thank you for your email and for contacting our office on NC’s Higher Academic Standards.   Please know Representative Brawley considers it an honor to serve the citizens of North Carolina.”

Rep. Ross: “Thank you for your support. It’s greatly appreciated.”

Rep. Bumgardner: “Thanks for the email.”

Rep. Whitmire: “Thank you.”


The Senate members, who voted to pass S812, got a letter too:

Sen. Wade: “Good Afternoon,

I appreciate your kind and encouraging email. I want to thank you for taking
the time to send me your comments.”

Sen. Glazier’s response: “Thank you very much for writing to me, but this bill has passed the House and now will be headed to a conference committee.  I did not support the bill and opposed the bill, but I think that is your position if you are opposed to the common core.  I am in favor of continuing with common core as standards, but working on the serious concerns of assessment, curriculum, and professional development in relation to the standards.  I do not view the standards as federal control in any manner as we fully retain our right to the other issues and how to teach and assess and whether to add to those standards in any manner.  I do not know what will come out of conference committee if anything.    I really appreciate you writing to me and do agree there are many issues on common core implementation to address and work on, but I do believe the standards themselves are an improvement and a help to make our students globally competitive.   Rick Glazier”
Rep. Cunningham’s response: “I regret that I will not be changing my mind on this legislation.  I see a need for  unified national education standards.

These standards from top performing countries played a significant role in helping develop the Math and English language arts/literacy standards.

The college and career ready standards provide a appendix listing the evidence that was consulted in drafting these standards, including the international standards that were

Consulted in the development of common core. I want all students across our state and country prepared to compete on the global stage.

Thank you for your comments.”


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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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