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By A.P. Dillon

South Carolina has dumped the Common Core. So has Oklahoma and Missouri is on its way. While I’ve been busy following other states, I am right in the middle of what is happening in my own state of North Carolina. Here are some updates.

Over the last month, North Carolina’s Common Core replacement bills have made great progress. There are two bills: SB 812 and HB 1061. The language is a bit different in each bill, however the critical points of establishing a Commission to replace the Common Core with true high standards and the removal of the brand name of Common Core from North Carolina’s state statutes exist in both bills.

Both versions passed their respective houses. When the Senate version hit the House Education committee, a PCS was added which replaced the language of SB 812 with that of HB 1061.The fight is nearing the final hurdle, as these two bills are now in the hands of a conference committee that is tasked with hammering out the language between the two.  My sources tell me that an agreement will come to pass on the language and that the final bill will be passed and sent to Governor McCrory during the current session.  Let’s hope this really happens, because the Commission to replace the standards needs to be put into place as soon as possible.

The legislature is one hurdle. Our Governor is another.

Now, over the last year our Governor has been listening to his Education aide, Eric Guckian. Mr. Guckian is a Common Core true believer and has made very strong statements about the Common Core on behalf of the Governor in a few instances. I dug into Mr. Guckian and another Education aide of our Governor and found out some interesting bits about them. Both have heavy ties to supporters of Common Core, groups who fund it and groups who receive funding for it.  Shocker, right? Also, why is Mr. Guckian attempting to hide his voter registration?

Just this week, our Governor seems to be back-peddling a bit. I wrote about this possible reversal yesterday on my own blog:

Gov. Pat McCrory told reporters yesterday that he favors high academic standards, but doesn’t care about the Common Core brand.

“What we’ve got to talk about is high standards, especially in math and reading,” said McCrory following an event that awarded federal bonus dollars to teachers who develop new classroom materials for a statewide database.”If you ask most North Carolinians if they want high math and reading standards, they’re gonna be for it. I don’t care what you call it…I could care less about the brand name.” – Policy Watch 7/2/14

So are we to believe the Governor is seeing the light or is he just in favor of a re-brand? I think he should expand on this comment and clarify.

My question stands to the Governor. I invite him to clarify these remarks.

Is he advocating a re-branding or is he backing the return of state sovereignty over education in North Carolina?

Does the Governor really back a commission to be formed to bring true education and real high standards to North Carolina’s kids or is he just hoping none of the parents have figured out our Department of Instruction is already in the process of re-branding?


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