#NCGA House Ed Cmte Passes PCS To #SB812

Yesterday at the NC General Assembly, the House Education Committee passed a PCS (proposed committee change) to Senate Bill 812 – Maintain State Auth. Over Academic Standards.  The PCS passed 25-17.

My understanding is that what this PCS does is to substitute the language of HB 1061 for that of SB 812. From what I gathered, the bill will head to a conference committee sometime next week. In that conference committee a compromise will have to be hammered out which takes SB 812 and includes a large portion of the language of HB 1061.  From there, it will be voted on by both chambers of the NCGA and will be sent to the Governor for signature. Should the Governor still be listening to his Democrat Common Core tied advisor, Eric Guckian, and veto the bill I am told that the General Assembly has the votes to override it and will do so. 

Here is what I tweeted out during the meeting yesterday:  

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