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Pearson Equella Contract for NC Community Colleges: $35,284,419

I received the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) back on the Pearson Equella Contract with the NC Community Colleges System.

The contract takes advantage of some Race To The Top Funds.

The signed MOU includes language for “K-14” storage of “educational content and resources” through the creation of the “Learning Object Repository” or LOR. From what the MOU says, it looks like LOR is an upgrade or enhancement of the existing Pearson Equella “NCLOR”.

NCLOR has it’s own site “Explore The LOR”.
Mission Statement: “The mission of the NCLOR is to provide a centralized location for the acquisition, collection, sharing, and management of quality learning resources for all teachers in North Carolina.”

A few of the document highlights:

The signed intent to contract document cites Pearson receiving $1,309,805, but another ‘signed approval’ document says the amount wasn’t to exceed $1,155,808.
According to the DPI Project Management MOU, the Project manager is to be paid over $85 an hour.
Just for reference, according to page 36 of the State Board of Education’s large contract list, the total cost of this contract (#10037399) came out to be $35,284,419.39.
Broken out:

$18,832,611.39 State
$16,451,808.00 Federal (Race To The Top?) Continue reading

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NC Paying Out $1.5 Million Over 3 Years To 2 Contractors For Race To Top Monitoring

Two contracts will pay out over $1.5 million to two contractors for monitoring the Race To The Top grant, which was funded by ARRA (the Stimulus). The scope of work includes tracking of jobs created by the grant and professional development – specifically Common Core.

“Each RESA will plan, coordinate and facilitate regional trainings on the new essential standards and Common Core with regional PD leaders. NCDPI will provide facilitators for all sessions, unless otherwise noted.”

Each pay out is $762k over three years at $254k a year. The contracts are EP4821955 Northeast Region Service Alliance (Dr. Holleman) and EP4823540 Sandhills Region Service Alliance (Jim Simeon).

See the contracts and amendments here. Continue reading

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Guilford County Schools Spends $357,448.60 On One Symposium

The Guilford County School district has spent $357,448.60 on an “African-American Males Symposium” this Summer. The costs were paid for by a portion of the $1.6 million in Race To The Top funds given to the district, except for the catering. The catering bill came from local funds and totaled around $8,779.90. Stipends were given to teachers to attend the two-day event in the amount of $100 per day. Those stipends represented the bulk of the cost of the event at $264,500.

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Wake School Board Hires New Principal For Cary School At $131,556

Wake County’s School Board has hired a new Principal for Panther Creek, Camille Hedrick, at a salary of $131,556.

The Board also hired three others:

Fay Jones – $84,341 (Carpenter Elementary School)
Elena Ashburn – $66,078 (East Garner Middle School)
Kendra Culberson – $86,028 (Herbert Akins Elementary School)
Read more at Cary News.

The Wake School board has been complaining about their recent budget problems. Yet they’ve got an “Office of Equity Affairs” with a budget of $204,846 and is headed up by David Trice who’s getting paid $125k. Then there’s the “Strategic Plan” which has cost taxpayers to date over $58k. Small wonder there are budget issues in Wake County Schools — administrative bloat has been a factor for years now and shows no signs of stemming.
“non-teaching staff in American public schools has soared by 130 percent, vastly outpacing the growth in teachers” http://t.co/obHY9EPCXc

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) August 14, 2014

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Guilford Cty Schools Spends Almost $160k On Common Core Aligned Digital Media

At the behest of a reader who was upset to find their district using Common Core compliant technology tools and materials and that a brand new contract for more was recently completed. I did a Freedom of Information request for Guilford County Schools (GCS) regarding “Discovery Education”.

In response to my Freedom of Information request, I received a contract from GCS that detailed spending on streaming digital media for K-12. The contract total was just under $160k at $159, 802.00 for licensing. Was this done with Race To the Top money or public funds?

Discovery Education has aligned their streaming curricula to the Common Core. Parents should be aware that Guilford schools are using this material. Since it is streaming and done in the classroom, the child is seeing it and not the parents. Parents should also read the Discovery Education Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for the Streaming feature. Continue reading

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Moore Schools Communication Director Hired At Over $72K

Per the Pilot.com, Moore Schools has hired a new Communications Director to replace the outgoing one.
Moore County Schools has announced the appointment of a new community relations advisor to replace the retired Tim Lussier.

Amber Rach has more than 15 years of experience in communications and administration, including higher education. Her background includes public relations, editing, publications management, crisis communication, event management and writing.

Before joining Moore County Schools, Rach served as director of the professional writing certificate program and assistant professor of writing at Methodist University in Fayetteville. She previously served as assistant vice chancellor for university and community relations at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
-The Pilot.Com, 7/15/14

The article didn’t include the salary for Ms. Rach, so I wrote to the author, John Lentz. His reply in email indicated that her salary was going to be $72,475.
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