How PC Zombies Are Created: Close Reading

I’ve written about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Teaching Tolerance’ offshoot in the past. You can view the entire collection of articles here.

Social Justice FactoriesIn a nutshell, this group seeks to indoctrinate youth starting in Kindergarten with Leftist political correctness narratives and turn them into activists.

Teaching Tolerance offers free “anti-bias” curriculum to teachers, which has been Common Core aligned.

Common Core is famous for it’s ‘close reading’ of excerpts of texts that often offer no historical background to accompany said excerpts.

The ability to force a particular viewpoint inherent in such a ‘close reading’ method goes without saying.

Teaching Tolerance has just rolled out their ‘close reading’ guide.

Parents should read these guidelines and be aware that the majority of Teaching Tolerance suggested reading centers around LGBT issues, racism, white guilt, glorification of illegal aliens and bullying of all kinds.  These materials are not balanced and contain a specific politically correct formula.

Teaching Tolerance has been around for a few decades now.

Perhaps this is the result of their work:


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