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About That Buncombe County “Prayer” Bruhaha

So, it would seem someone has their panties in a wad that kids prayed at a Veterans Memorial event:

ASHEVILLE – Christian prayers at a North Buncombe High Band Boosters event honoring veterans violated Buncombe County Schools’ religion policy, school officials say.

The event on Saturday sparked complaints from some students and at least one parent.

“This was a flagrant breaking of policy,” said Ginger Strivelli, a Pagan and the mother of a student who was at the event.

Strivelli helped push for the policy a couple of years ago after her son came home from North Windy Ridge Intermediate School with a Bible. School officials said Gideons International left the Bibles at the school for students.

Saturday’s event was not on school property. It was held in the field near Dollar General on Weaverville Road.

The North Buncombe Band Boosters hosted the ceremony to open its “Field of Honor” flag display. The display aims to honor veterans. It is also a fund-raising event for the band, which will travel to Hawaii to perform at the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade.

“The event, while not on campus, included all members of the (North Buncombe High School) marching band, so it is against the policy as it’s a school-related function,” Jason Rhodes, spokesman for the school system, said in an email.

Ginger Strivelli is a Pagan eh? Isn’t Paganism sort of a big tent of multiple beliefs? Apparently tolerance for Christians isn’t one of them. I find this story somewhat amusing along the line of, “tolerate me while I rage on you with intolerance” kind of thinking. Here’s a novel concept, don’t participate? If someone praying is offensive to you, they aren’t the problem. Continue reading

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NC Civics Test Question On The Constitution

With all the crazy examples of ‘modified’ teaching of the U.S. Constitution floating around out there coupled with the fundamentally flawed and experimental Common Core Standards, parents these days have to scrutinize what is being put to their kids more than ever. Take the example sent to me from Buncombe County, North Carolina. In April, a 9th grade student in Buncombe county schools found themselves answering “E” to this question:

8. Which best demonstrates the US Constitution is a “living” document?

A. Over 20 Amendments are added to the Constitution each year.

B. Extends rights of criminals so that they can have equal justice under the law.

C. There have been 27 Amendments added to the Constitution.

D. The President, with the help of his cabinet, can make revisions to the Constitution.

Sigh. Continue reading

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Why Does Buncombe School Board Hate Kids?

I have to shake my head when it comes to the protectionism of the status quo on vouchers that would benefit low income kids from school boards like Buncombe. They then doubled their dumb by refusing to seek clarification of the Common Core — something that even the NC General Assembly has chosen to do.
After sometimes heated debate, the Buncombe County Schools Board of Education passed a resolution Thursday night expressing opposition to what some members called “vouchers” for private schools.

The board also narrowly voted against passing a resolution to seek clarification of federal Common Core curriculum standards, as well as an assessment of those standards and the financial impact they have.
Read more… Continue reading

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Occupy Monday Protester To Fill Late Senator Nesbitt’s NCGA Seat

Terry Van Duyn has finally won an election. In 2012, she ran for Buncombe county commissioners in District 3 and lost miserably, coming in dead last out of 4 candidates. She’ll be filling the seat of the late Senator Nesbitt (NC-49) for the rest of what remains of his term. Here’s Van Duyn on the campaign trail in April 2012. She was Occupy Monday before it was all the rage:


Van Duyn wasn’t a shoe-in however, because it took three rounds of voting to get a majority… Continue reading

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More Quality NC Dem Recruiting

The NC Dems sure are on a quality candidate campaign these days. From The guy who couldn’t win American Idol to Peter Griffin. The win is strong with the NC Dems.

Here’s yet another example as they attempt to fill the seat of recently deceased Senator Nesbitt.- what amounts to an open call ad in a local news outlet:

Want to serve in #NCGA? @BuncombeDems invite candidates to run (must live in District 49) http://t.co/YGiOOjjwPR #avlelect #ncpol

— Jake Frankel (@JakeFrankel) March 12, 2014

Feels like more of that special #branding. Hey, at least Buncombe’s HQ isn’t in jeopardy. Yet. Continue reading

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Buncombe School Board Backs Out Of Common Core Forum

Oppose Common Core? Buncombe’s school board doesn’t want to hear it. The board had previously made a deal to hear public comment on the issue, but to date hasn’t made good on that front.

@LadyLiberty1885 @NCPlottHound @CarolinaCates Buncombe School Board Chair Backs Out on Deal to hold #CommonCore Forum http://t.co/xLjoOFNjTq

— Lisa Baldwin (@LisaBaldwin87) March 5, 2014

That, is shutuppery. Parents in Buncombe county have the right to be heard. They should contact Chairman Rhinehart and ask this forum be scheduled post-haste. Continue reading

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Daily Show Helping To Try #VIVA In The Media?

The Liberals in North Carolina have waged a campaign against North Carolina’s voter ID law that has been so full of fail. Their latest complaint is that it makes it burdensome for married women to get ID with their married name on it.. or something. The arguments by Liberals in this state are so bad, they had to call in outside reinforcements – The Daily Show.

Somehow, The Daily Show unearthed a GOP precinct chair gullible enough to go on their show and think he was going to get a fair shake. What resulted was a chop-shop, signature Daily Show “interview’ skit that cast Don Yelton as a giant vote suppressing racist. GO FIGURE.

The Left has no leg to stand on and needs to win this in the court of public opinion. This is just one incident of what we can imagine will be many more to come before the law takes effect in 2016.

Read about it in my Storify Article: Daily Show Helping To Try #VIVA In The Media? Continue reading

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