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Reminder: Roy Cooper Hates #SchoolChoice. ALL School Choice.

This is a friendly reminder to all that Roy Cooper hates School Choice. 
ALL school choice.  Continue reading

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Sen. Tillman Was For Vouchers Before He Was Against Them?

Senator Tillman today, 2015 : “I’ve never been for school vouchers.” (Policy Watch)

“They [private schools] are not regulated and we don’t know what they teach there, do we? Do you know?” said Tillman at the conclusion of Tuesday’s joint education appropriations meeting. A proponent of “school choice,” Tillman said he prefers the charter school model over private school vouchers.

“And do you know who’s the biggest recipient of school vouchers? A Muslim school,” said Tillman. “The Muslim schools are leading the pack. I’m not in favor of that.”

Let’s take a walk back in time, shall we?

As you read, ask yourself: Does Senator Tillman believe in all school choice or just the choice of schools he deems worthy?

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Dueling #Narratives On Vouchers

Dueling narratives on “vouchers” have emerged in the last 24 hours. It’s not really a “voucher” issue, it’s about the Opportunity Scholarships.

Yesterday, an Ex-NCAE lobbyist switched sides in voucher debate.

Today, the education PR outfit, EducationNC, has the following story up on their site today: NC Policy Watch Panel on Vouchers

Note who was in this conversation — Moral Monday participant, NCAE attorney and newly elected Wake County Commissioner, Jessica Holmes:

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Alamance Dem Continues His #WarOnWomen, Adds Low-Income Kids

This past June, I noted some vile comments being made on this site by a rather prominent Democrat. From the email address and IP associated with these comments, they appeared to be coming from one Bill Franklin. This Bill Franklin:

Bill Franklin
SEC Member, Alamance County
2nd Vice Chair, 6th Democratic Congressional District

Well, he’s back.

Mr. Franklin has gone from a #WarOnWomen and “Teabilly” theme to now attacking scholarships meant to help low-income kids get a better education — one that is chosen by their parents. Stayed up late to troll me and the kiddies too. See below: Continue reading

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Stop Me If This Voucher Statement Sounds Familiar….

Does this statement sound familiar?

‘The voucher tax credit is bad public policy for public education and our taxpayers, diverting millions of dollars in taxpayer money with no accountability or oversight to religious and private schools.’ Continue reading

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Judge Hobgood Rules Against Vouchers For Low-Income And At Risk Kids

Shorter NC Judge Hobgood: Ghetto schools for ghetto kids #ncpol

— T Bradley (@TBradleyNC) August 21, 2014

Judge Hobgood has overruled himself on school vouchers. First he imposed an injunction, then he lifted the injunction pending another hearing and now he’s permanently blocked low-income and at risk kids from attending schools their parents would choose. Continue reading

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Why Does Buncombe School Board Hate Kids?

I have to shake my head when it comes to the protectionism of the status quo on vouchers that would benefit low income kids from school boards like Buncombe. They then doubled their dumb by refusing to seek clarification of the Common Core — something that even the NC General Assembly has chosen to do.
After sometimes heated debate, the Buncombe County Schools Board of Education passed a resolution Thursday night expressing opposition to what some members called “vouchers” for private schools.

The board also narrowly voted against passing a resolution to seek clarification of federal Common Core curriculum standards, as well as an assessment of those standards and the financial impact they have.
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