Alamance County bus driver and high school student involved in sexual assault of middle schooler on a bus

An Alamance -Burlington Public Schools bus driver who has also been a coach and a high school student are both facing multiple assault charges that allegedly took place on a school bus.

SAMUEL BRADLY FREEZE - BRANDON TYLER LANE - Alamance Burlington - Quiet Epidemic


Samuel Bradley Freeze, age 42, is charged with felony aiding and abetting an attempted second-degree forcible sex offense, felony child abuse by sexual act committed on a juvenile, and four counts of misdemeanor child abuse. He was issued a $50,000 bond and which was posted and he was released.

Brandon Tyler Lane, age 18, is charged with felony attempted second-degree forcible sex offense, misdemeanor sexual battery and four counts of misdemeanor assault. He received a $10,000 bond and is no longer in custody according to Alamance County jail records.

The charges and possible sentences against Freeze and Lane are substantial:

  • Aiding and abetting a Second-degree forcible rape is a Class B1 felony with a minimum sentence of 144 months and can result in life without parole
  • Second-degree forcible rape is a Class C felony with a sentence from 44 to 182 months.
  • Felony Child Abuse is a Class D felony with a sentence of 38 to 160 months.
  • Sexual battery is a Class A1 misdemeanor carry ing 1 to 150 days of active, intermediate, or community punishment and a Discretionary fine.
  • Misdemeanor assault is a Class 2 with 1 to 60 days of active, intermediate, or community punishment plus a $200 Fine.

The pair was arrested Tuesday, March 10. Sheriff’s deputies say Lane physically assaulted two female middle school students and then tried to sexually assault them. In the warrants for the arrest of Freeze and Lane, the date of the alleged offenses spans a two day period of March 2 through March 4.

The Alamance County Sheriff’s department uncovered video evidence of Lane both physically assaulting and attempting to sexually assault a 14-year old female middle school student.

Law enforcement warrants indicate that Freeze knew what was going on, encouraged the activity and didn’t attempt to stop it. The warrant says Freeze was “asking and making sexual comments to him (Lane) about the sexual act happening to the victim.”

Lane is a Southern Alamance High School student and Freeze was a teacher and coach.

According to the Alamance-Burlington School System Freeze was fired on Tuesday, March 10, the same day as the arrest.

Freeze had held multiple positions with the district going back 20 years. The three positions he held according to the district are:

  • In-school suspension supervisor, Southern Alamance High School (2001-2020)
  • Substitute bus driver (2003 to 2020)
  • JV wrestling coach and support staff for the athletics department (2019 to 2020)

It is unclear at this time if background checks were performed on Freeze and the district has yet to make a formal statement.

There is no teaching license on file with the state for Freeze and he is the ninth teacher arrest tracked by this website in 2020.

According to a report by Journal Now, a woman who told her teen daughter to claim she was sexually assaulted by Lane has been charged with making a false report.

The arrest report says that Melissa Marie King, age 35, told her daughter to report that she was an additional victim of an assault on the school bus.

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