Why Does Buncombe School Board Hate Kids?

I have to shake my head when it comes to the protectionism of the status quo on vouchers that would benefit low income kids from school boards like Buncombe.  They then doubled their dumb by refusing to seek clarification of the Common Core — something that even the NC General Assembly has chosen to do.

After sometimes heated debate, the Buncombe County Schools Board of Education passed a resolution Thursday night expressing opposition to what some members called “vouchers” for private schools.

The board also narrowly voted against passing a resolution to seek clarification of federal Common Core curriculum standards, as well as an assessment of those standards and the financial impact they have.

The General Assembly last year approved a grant system, officially called “opportunity scholarships,” that allow annual grants of up to $4,200 per child for the academic year. The N.C. Association of Educators and a group representing the state’s 115 school boards filed separate lawsuits to stop what they call “vouchers,” but Buncombe County missed the deadline to participate in the lawsuit.

The opposition argued the grants amounted to “vouchers” that fund a separate education system, while violating the state constitution. Supporters of the system, including Buncombe County School Board Member Lisa Baldwin, say the scholarships actually would benefit low income students and create much-needed competition that would improve all schools.  – Citizen Times

115 school boards towing the status quo line. Buncombe missed the deadline for the lawsuit but now vote to oppose it. Passive-aggressive, indecisive or met resistance? Could be all three.

So the message here from Buncombe seems to be overwhelmingly along the lines of  ‘YOU WILL DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD, CITIZEN. NO CHOICE FOR YOU!’

The only ones with any sense seem to be Rhinehart, Pless and Baldwin:

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