About That Buncombe County “Prayer” Bruhaha

So, it would seem someone has their panties in a wad that kids prayed at a Veterans Memorial event:

Christian prayers at a North Buncombe High Band Boosters event honoring veterans violated Buncombe County Schools’ religion policy, school officials say.

The event on Saturday sparked complaints from some students and at least one parent.

“This was a flagrant breaking of policy,” said Ginger Strivelli, a Pagan and the mother of a student who was at the event.

Strivelli helped push for the policy a couple of years ago after her son came home from North Windy Ridge Intermediate School with a Bible. School officials said Gideons International left the Bibles at the school for students.

Saturday’s event was not on school property. It was held in the field near Dollar General on Weaverville Road.

The North Buncombe Band Boosters hosted the ceremony to open its “Field of Honor” flag display. The display aims to honor veterans. It is also a fund-raising event for the band, which will travel to Hawaii to perform at the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade.

“The event, while not on campus, included all members of the (North Buncombe High School) marching band, so it is against the policy as it’s a school-related function,” Jason Rhodes, spokesman for the school system, said in an email.

Ginger Strivelli is a Pagan eh?  Isn’t Paganism sort of a big tent of multiple beliefs? Apparently tolerance for Christians isn’t one of them.


I find this story somewhat amusing along the line of, “tolerate me while I rage on you with intolerance” kind of thinking.  Here’s a novel concept, don’t participate? If someone praying is offensive to you, they aren’t the problem.  Her lack of self-awareness is staggering:

Perhaps Ms. Strivelli should read up on the latest SCOTUS ruling where prayers can be allowed before council meetings. It could be argued that this ruling could easily apply to other situations, including this booster event. What’s sad is this ruling had to be made to deal with people who are ‘offended’ by someone else’s religion.

Carolina Plott Hound has already done the heavy lifting on this one, including pointing out that N. Buncombe Band Boosters is an independent non-profit, unaffiliated with the school district.

Witch Ginger Strivelli, daughter complain about band boosters’ prayerful ceremony for vets…

SCHOOLS SPOKESMAN: ‘It is against the policy as it’s a school-related function…’

WRONG! North Buncombe Band Boosters is an independent nonprofit, not affiliated with school…

So go worship your sun god, Ginger, and leave the Christians alone…

Ginger doesn’t like Bible giveaways either…


UPDATE: Pagan chick hardest hit. Plott Hound was right.  Superintendent: Prayers did not violate schools policy

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  1. Jimmy W says:

    So you’re a conservaloon in the Triangle. Boola boola. You’re also an idiot who has mischaracterized the controversy because the organizer and the minister who led prayers before and after the occasion both violated school policy and the Establishment Clause. Non-Christians at the event are the victims. See _Santa Fe, TX Independent School District vs. Roe_ for details.



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