Occupy Monday Protester To Fill Late Senator Nesbitt’s NCGA Seat

Terry Van Duyn has finally won an election. In 2012, she ran for Buncombe county commissioners in District 3 and lost miserably, coming in dead last out of 4 candidates. She’ll be filling the seat of the late Senator Nesbitt (NC-49) for the rest of what remains of his term. Here’s Van Duyn on the campaign trail  in April 2012. She was Occupy Monday before it was all the rage:

Van Duyn wasn’t a shoe-in however, because it took three rounds of voting to get a majority:

HEVILLE – Political activist Terry Van Duyn won the special election Thursday to fill the unexpired term of the late Sen. Martin Nesbitt.

“I have the strength, conviction and the passion to work for change, and I am in it for the long haul,” she said in her speech to the party.

Voting started just after 7 p.m. and ended about 8:30 p.m. as 149 members of the Buncombe County Democratic Party executive committee narrowed a field of six candidates. Six more members had been eligible but did not show up.

The winner needed 51 percent of the vote to seal the deal. Van Duyn got 93 votes after three rounds.

The article above also mentions she is an Moral Monday protester and was arrested in June of 2013 at the NC General Assembly.  Kind of ironic she’s now going to work where she’s been arrested. What a resume enhancer.

From her campaign website:

I’ve heard criticism that I am “too nice” to win election. I value my ability to sustain relationships with people who disagree with me.  I try to make every transaction win-win and that’s much harder if you burn bridges along the way.   That’s how I want to run my campaign and it’s how I try to conduct myself in everything I do.

I laughed at that bit above. Why? Mainly because of this speech she gave at Mountain Moral Monday in Asheville:

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Did you catch her claim that the expansion would have been 100% funded by federal dollars? Well that’s true — for the first three years only. After that 3 years passes, 10% of the costs come back to North Carolina. You might say 10% is no big number but you’d be wrong because Medicaid NC costs taxpayers roughly $13 billion a year.  Factor in the mismanagement discovered in an audit of the NC Medicaid system to the tune of $1.4 billion and consider we are still digging our state out of the epic financial hole former Governor Perdue put us in.

A couple good reads on the topic of Medicaid expansion in North Carolina is Medicaid Expansion: A Quick Primer and Why States Should Not Expand Medicaid.

The underlying theme of both is that the expansion of Medicaid is meant to aid the President’s signature failure, Obamacare, by pushing out private coverage and thereby making people and states more dependent on the federal government. An expansion will eat into state resources at an increasing level and given the federal debt, it’s not really wise on banking on the federal government not to alter their end of the deal.

Fun Fact: Van Duyn was/is part of the Obamacare Navigator program in Buncombe county. Small wonder she’s pushing Medicaid expansion. You can read her liberal activist resume here.

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