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7 More Get A Free Ride

Seven more Moral Monday protesters has been acquitted. The costly and stupid parade continues along with more theatrics. Look at this stunt below, attempting to call Tillis and Berger as witnesses.

RALEIGH — An attorney representing protesters arrested at the N.C. Legislative Building in June, attempted to call the leaders of both General Assembly chambers on Wednesday as witnesses in the trial of seven people.

John McWilliam, a Raleigh attorney representing some of the demonstrators arrested June 12, said he issued subpoenas for N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate President Phil Berger to find out more about the enforcement of the building rules his clients had been accused of violating.

It’s a McClatchy article, so of course there is no mention whatsoever that the people arrested went to the legislature building fully intending to be arrested and that they volunteered to do so. Now taxpayers are on the hook for the police, overtime and court time. That’s Money Monday for you — bilking the taxpayer to fund their BlueprintNC gripe parade. Continue reading

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SHOCKER: Volunteer Arrestee Found Guilty

Moral Monday Leader Reverend Barber was found guilty of trespassing and violating building rules. The judge threw out some of the cases, it’s unclear if she was acting as defense council or judge.


Raleigh, N.C. — A Wake County judge on Wednesday found a group of people arrested in April during the first of what became months of weekly protests at the Legislative Building guilty of trespassing and violating building rules.

District Judge Joy Hamilton said that, although she finds some of the rules governing public access to the Legislative Building to be “vague, overbroad and confusing,” state NAACP President Rev. William Barber and 11 others acted in concert to disrupt lawmakers.

Earlier Wednesday, Hamilton said there was insufficient evidence that the 12 protesters posed a threat, so she tossed out the charge of failure to disperse against all of them.

Let’s repeat that: The rules were “vague”. Continue reading

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#MoralMonday: Transparency Fail by Wake Sheriff, Courts

I’ve been tracking the arrests at Moral Monday for the last month and had no problem accessing the once public records of the arrests, that is up until last week. The Wake County Sheriff site has stopped making the records of these arrests public information.


Huge hat tip to Civitas:

Let’s say you’re an ordinary citizen and you trespass on someone’s property. You come back the next day anyway. You get arrested again, and this time you’re charged with contempt. Wait – what’s that? You’re the Rev. William Barber? Never mind. Please, come inside. Continue reading

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#MoralMondays: Those who want to be arrested attend a ‘meeting’.

Sometimes Twitter is a useful tool. Apparently, those who want to be arrested attend a meeting to coordinate doing so. After, the NAACP and their lawyers take care of them. Meanwhile, the taxpayers take care of the overtime police and court costs.

Two part tweet. Part One:

I’m glad she told me who ‘decides’, but I already found them all. Poor dear also thought their brave Leader Reverend Barber was on the list. I didn’t find evidence of that. Maybe she meant in the earlier non-mega moral Mondays. You know, the ones that weren’t astroturfed by out of state SEIU folks.

Part Two:

Sigh. She needs trolling classes. I had been telling her no one got arrested that didn’t want to be and she refused to address it until this tweet. Thanks!

So then, is this the NAACP and their lawyers baked goods table?

A ‘waiting party’ at the jail for arrested protestors, they have a table set up with goodies #MoralMondays #ABC11 twitter.com/AlvarezABC11/s…

— AngelicaAlvarezABC11 (@AlvarezABC11) June 4, 2013

We’re being told the protests are all about making the legislature ‘hear them’. O.k., so it looks like Angela Bryant is listening:

Senator Angela Bryant talks about the state of NC and #moralmondays with the 2013 ENC corps twitter.com/TFA_ENC/status… — TFA Eastern NC (@TFA_ENC) June 7, 2013

Cue more media attention from MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry:

Today on @mhpshow we discussed Moral Mondays: the grassroots NC movement against Republican extremism on.msnbc.com/13sovHp

— Melissa Harris-Perry (@MHarrisPerry) June 9, 2013

She’s sort of the the Natasha Lennard of the Moral Mondays movement but using the Dylan Ratigan approach. These protests are not using any new tricks. We’ve seen the arrest tactics to garner media attention in civil disobedience before, most memorably during Occupy and the Wisconsin capital protests. Hey, speaking of Wisconsin, I spotted this picture on Twitter of Moral Monday inside the NCGA by @AriBerman:

They get a few more union outfits to bus in folks and it might look like Wisconsin:

Image via Frugal Cafe

Let’s hope it doesn’t look like the end result in Wisconsin:

Image via Idea Stream

Again, I maintain this is not about any one topic or issue the legislature is dealing with no matter what these people say. This is about the Democrats losing control of the NC General Assembly and the Left having a hissy. This is about the 2014 elections. Period. Continue reading

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