SHOCKER: Volunteer Arrestee Found Guilty

Moral Monday Leader Reverend Barber was found guilty of trespassing and violating building rules.  The judge threw out some of the cases, it’s unclear if she was acting as defense council or judge.


Raleigh, N.C. — A Wake County judge on Wednesday found a group of people arrested in April during the first of what became months of weekly protests at the Legislative Building guilty of trespassing and violating building rules.

District Judge Joy Hamilton said that, although she finds some of the rules governing public access to the Legislative Building to be “vague, overbroad and confusing,” state NAACP President Rev. William Barber and 11 others acted in concert to disrupt lawmakers.

Earlier Wednesday, Hamilton said there was insufficient evidence that the 12 protesters posed a threat, so she tossed out the charge of failure to disperse against all of them.

Let’s repeat that: The rules were “vague”.

Wait…what? Vague? What’s vague about being told to disperse?  Especially when you volunteered to be arrested in order to garner media attention. The Atlantic even laid out how they prepare to volunteer to be arrested, tagging themselves with green armbands so they can be easily identified.

If you were serious about your civil disobedience enough to be arrested, man up and take the verdict handed down.  Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it too.
If Moral Monday wants to further shred their credibility, they’re succeeding by “Moving Forward Together and Not One Step Back”.

“I’m also concerned that you know in most civil disobedience, the people that participate in the disobedience recognize that there’s to be some consequence,” says Willoughby. “I mean, that goes back to the sixties and Dr. King, I mean, those folks came to court and pled guilty and accepted responsibility for what they’ve done. These folks don’t really seem to want to accept responsibility for anything, and it’s um- makes it difficult to manage the cases.” – WUNC

A Final Reminder:
#MoralMondays: Those who want to be arrested attend a ‘meeting’.


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