Some Friday #HEH and the 8th Congressional District GOP

I hope folks have read the article at the Daily Haymaker titled, #ncgop: It’s your party, neuter it if you want to.

In the article, Haymaker rips one John M. Lewis, Chairman of the 8th District GOP, a well-deserved new one.  The Haymaker article ends with this summary:

Okay, so he likes Common Core.  Let’s stop and tally up here.  On Facebook, he’s called for STANDING FOR nothing.  On Twitter, he’s slammed the core interests of the family values crowd, the homeschoolers, AND Ted Cruz fans.  Boy, this is gonna be awkward when vice chairman Lewis called upon to campaign for GOP presidential nominee Ted Cruz.

Oh my.  Seeing as how Cruz is a major draw at the GOP convention this weekend, Lewis better hope most people have missed his spectacularly stupid commentary.

Speaking of spectacularly stupid,  The guy clearly needs schooling on the topic of Common Core.  I hope I see Mr. Lewis this weekend at the GOP convention, because on the topic of Common Core I’m your huckleberry So, bring it, Johnny.

Lewis has since locked down his Facebook page. I have two words for him: Too Late.

Now, on to the Friday #Heh. Mr. Lewis has new fans on Facebook. They’ve created a page all about him, in his own words.  HEH.

My favorite post on the new ‘fanpage’, so far, is this one.  Mr. Lewis, bless your heart… but you don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground about Common Core.

North Carolina adopted Common Core in June 2010, but didn’t implement it until the 2012-2013 school year. We’re in our third year of implementation right now, in the 2014-15 school year. Related:

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