Wake GOP’s ‘Useless Email Champion’ Attacks NC GOP Chair on Facebook

As I pointed out on Friday, the GOPe  (GOP establishment) has it out for newly elected GOP Chair, Hasan Harnett. Instead of supporting or helping him, my sources tell me that the powers that be have been inching the rug out from under him since day one. This story is more of the same.

Anyone who has been a part of or has signed up for Wake County GOP emails knows that Donna Williams is the ‘Useless Email Champion’.

While Williams Chaired the Wake GOP, recipients on the list were treated to daily emails of job postings, meeting information and district events.

Very rarely did an email of substance come from Williams — you know, like one containing
relevant political issues or, God forbid, taking a position on a given issue.

HEHLike I said, Useless Email Champion.

And yes, Ms. Williams, I am trolling you right now.

You deserve it.

If the party were to attack issues instead of its own people, the fundraising would take care of itself. Harnett’s elected signaled a dissatisfaction with the party’s direction. Instead of attacking him, perhaps some soul-searching should be on the menu.

The GOP overall has a messaging problem — and it’s a self-inflicted problem as we are about to see.  While the emails were ‘blah blah blah’ and useless, Facebook seems to be more Williams’ milieu.

You see, on Facebook, Williams has no problem launching hilariously ham-fisted attacks on her own state party chair.

What was I saying about self-inflicted messaging problems again? Oh yeah, THIS. 

This is an incredibly transparent attack from the woman, who as chair did nothing about anything of consequence in Wake County.  A highlight of her term would be allowing the Wake Board of Commissioners to be taken over without firing a shot.

Perhaps Mr. Harnett went to the debates to garner support from other venues, since he clearly isn’t getting it here at home.

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3 Responses to Wake GOP’s ‘Useless Email Champion’ Attacks NC GOP Chair on Facebook

  1. Jennifer says:

    Is AP Dillion Zan Bunn??


  2. aprylmajor says:

    Mrs. Williams believes she is doing the “right” thing…but then again, so does John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and to bring it all home, Claude Pope. The problem is, they’ve all lost sight on what the “right” thing is, which is giving freedom and power back to the American people. So we’re taking it back, with or without them.


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