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Leftists Running The Durham City Council Try To De-Platform Dr. Jordan Peterson

The Leftists running the Durham City Council are really out-doing themselves recently between their rampant anti-semitism and assault on Free Speech. And Mayor-Pro Tem Jillian Johnson is leading the charge. Advertisements

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@GregFordNC Says He is Accountable to the Tax Payer. Here I am! (Updated)

It’s funny how much contempt elected officials hold for those they govern these days.

Case in point, Wake County Commissioner Greg Ford.  Continue reading

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NC Public School Forum Head Doubles Down On Stupid

What color is the sky in Keith Poston’s echo chamber? We may never know. Continue reading

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MoMo Without The Mojo: Mugshots of 6/11/18 Protesters

There were more MoMo without the Mojo arrests this week.
As an added bonus, at the bottom of this article one will find the week of mugshots I missed back on 5/21/18. Continue reading

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NC Public School Forum’s Leader Shows His True Colors And It’s Not Pretty

Over the weekend, I spotted a nasty series of comments from the NC Public School Forum’s leader, Keith Poston, in an article by WBTV about a township charter school bill. I received a response that I’d have expected from my rising Second Grader.
Continue reading

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