Records request reveals ‘Whiteness in Ed Spaces,” “Affinity groups” at WCPSS EdCamp Equity

A recently returned records request for materials from an “EdCamp Equity” event held at a  Wake County Public Schools middle school earlier this year reveals discussion sessions on “whiteness in Ed spaces,” “microaggressions at work,” and forming “Affinity Groups.”

edcamp-logo-final-op_resized oea The records request made to Wake County Public Schools included all materials, vendor payments, session notes, and documentation from the “EdCamp Equity” event which took place on Feb. 22, 2020, at E. Millbrook Magnet Middle School.

The event was set up and organized through a stand-alone Google website, created by Christina Spears, a Wake County Schools Office of Equity Affairs employee. Vendors payments for $2,083. 82 in food charges and $130 for space rental at Millbrook Middle school reflect Spears’ involvement

Contests were held throughout the day, resulting in “swag” gifts to winners that included Olive Garden gift cards, $25 pre-paid VISA gift cards, Starbucks cards, “Teaching Tolerance Kits” and “How to be an antiracist and” t-shirts. Other vendors were present including Marbles Kids Museum, Safe Schools NC and the N.C. Association of Educators.

Multiple principals, teachers, elected officials, and several members of the current Wake County Schools Board of Education were in attendance. In addition, Wake County Supt. Cathy Moore was there. Moore was the opening keynote speaker at the previous EdCamp Equity in 2019 and kicked off the 2020 event too:

Whiteness in Ed Spaces

One set of session notes, labeled “Whiteness in Ed Spaces” includes topics such as controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT) and white privilege. The session notes discuss how to force alterations to history and social studies classes where there is “White washed curriculum,”[SIC] and applying CRT in the classroom.

The “Whiteness in Ed Spaces” session notes also talk about how to shut down any parental “pushback,” an excerpt of which is provided below:

2020-09-05 Whiteness in Ed Spaces Excerpt - Shutting parents down WCPSS OEA Edcamp Equity

Excerpt from “Whiteness in Ed Spaces” session notes from the Feb. 2020 “EdCamp Equity” event.

Another session called “Teaching Real History” describes ways to dismantle current social studies lessons they claim “glorify” events or people that should not be glorified.

The replacement materials listed in the “Teaching Real History” session notes include revisionist history from Howard Zinn and James W. Loewen, as well as the ideologically slanted K-12 “standards” from Teaching Tolerance, the pseudo-educational arm of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In a separate session, as seen in the image below, several of the previously mentioned authors and materials are considered “disrupting texts.”

Notably, this section includes a reference to the debunked and academically criticized “1619 Project,” of which the author has admitted it is not factually accurate, but instead is about driving a narrative.


“Disrupting Texts” session notes from EdCamp Equity 2020 in Wake County, NC.

“Disruption” was a theme throughout the event:

Courageous Conversations and “Woke Wednesdays”

Teachers and staff training was not the only focus. A session was held on “Courageous Conversations” with students. In the notes, use of Teaching Tolerance materials and training is encouraged, as is establishing a student Equity team and “Woke Wednesdays.”

The name of the session draws from the white privilege training created by Glenn Singleton.  As Hans Bader at CEI noted back in 2007, Singleton has made millions off of school districts, businesses, and government agencies using this “diversity scam.”

The Wake County Schools Office of Equity Affairs (OEA) uses Singleton’s “Courageous Conversations” as the centerpiece for it’s “Equity Framework” which the department rolled out in 2019. The OEA’s Equity Framework is being used as a “call to action” for teachers to implement Critical Race Theory and other Marxist ideas in the classroom.

The full list of the EdCamp Equity 2020 meeting materials, including the schedule of events, can be viewed in this Google Drive shared folder.  If there is trouble accessing these materials, please contact this website by email:

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