What #MayDay2013 Protests Looked Like In Raleigh, NC

Looks like more proof I was right about NC Student Power Union being one of many offshoots of Occupy Raleigh, or at bare minimum comrades in arms. They all celebrated May Day together in downtown Raleigh. It wasn’t as dramatic as Seattle, but it wasn’t totally boring either.

Video pictured above is here.

An image from Liberaytor, a.k.a Dale Byrd of BluePrint NC, who regularly is at these type of events with tweet below:

More Bullhorns and video from @occupyNCSU:

Perhaps they were at the jail because two of their ‘mostly peaceful’ organizers were arrested:

They even posted video statements about their arrests, claiming voter ID is a poll tax – which shows this young woman hasn’t read the bill or its provisions, she doesn’t understand what a poll tax is or is just parroting Eric Holder. Maybe all of the above. Read more here on Senate Bill 666.

Molly McDonough of NC Student Power Union:

Her pal Bryan Perlmutter also posted a statement and he’s not so subtle about reading off the card off camera either:

WRAL is reporting five were arrested, but McDonough and Perlmutter are not on their list, so perhaps there were really seven:

According to the NC Student Power Union, Tristan Munchel, Carrisa Morrison, Jessica Injejikian, Dhruv Pathak and Zaina Alsous were charged with disorderly conduct. Morrison and Pathak were also charged with misdemeanor assault on a government official. 

The five were among about 75 mostly college-aged people marching through the city to support what they call a people’s agenda. Demonstrators held signs in support of in-state tuition for those living in the country illegally and against Republican causes such as voter ID.

More at News 14 Carolina.

I recognized Zaina Alsous off the bat, she and an occupier named Alanna Davis are friendly. Davis is the occupier that tried to get me to come have coffee with her under the pretense of wanting to know how Occupy and NC Student Power Union were linked. I knew better.  From Davis’ LinkedIn Profile:

North Carolina Student Power Union

  • September 2012 to Present
Team Members: Alanna Davis, Zaina Alsous

We are building a grassroots student movement in NC. We are organizing on campuses throughout the state, uniting with workers and community organizations to stop the attacks on education and public services.

Gee, I hate it when I’m right.

Also of note, Reverend William Barber was also arrested protested at the NCGA – again. Bruce Carroll at WatchDogWireNC has this report worth reading: NC State NAACP Chief Arrested In Protest


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