NC Student Power Union Unhappy with ‘Right Wing Hack Policy Outfit’

Uh oh. Looks like someone is sad panda that I called them and their Occupy pals out.


“Can’t wait to see how they freak out when we get in their faces.”

Ah…shades of Occupy. Mostly peaceful except when getting in people’s faces, defecating on cars, destroying public parks, destroying private businesses and their property, shouting at school children, throwing Molotov cocktails, murdering people, raping people and of course, plotting to bomb bridges.

Yes, Zaina Alsous — you are an occupier just changing ships, often actually. Same goes for the laughing Juan Miranda. I chuckled.

The comments are precious, as was the comment posted on the cross-posted article at WatchDogWire.  The young man posting at WatchDogWire ranted about the cost of living and paying for education yet according to Facebook, he’s in the Wake Tech Network. For those not local to the Research Triangle area, that is one of the most reasonably priced community colleges around. I replied to the young man as I can understand he’s frustrated, however, he did little to convince me what I wrote was inaccurate.  I know how the Left rolls.

The assumption about Wake Tech was cemented here, with the commenter’s occupy fascination here and here.

Oh whoops, did I just commit more of that ‘serious investigative journalism’? I laughed at that line. The ties between NC Student Power Union, Debt Strike and Occupy are clear, aided by the same people being recycled and involved in them. It’s also clear, by the reactions here that I hit the nail pretty squarely on the head with the article.

Side Note: Occupy NCSU, NC Student Power Union both have blocked me on Twitter. So much for getting in my face.

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