Superintendent Atkinson Sides With Obama On #HB2

A week ago it appeared Dr. Atkinson gave statements indicating NC Schools didn’t follow HB2 but didn’t clarify further.

This week, she’s clearly chosen a side:

The interview is just over two minutes long. Go listen to it.

In the interview, Atkinson said kids shouldn’t have to use restrooms they don’t identify with and we need to be sensitive to them.

She made no mention in the interview of the fact 504 plans make accommodations for all kinds of unique situations that kids may have with access issues. Perhaps she made those remarks, but NPR didn’t include it. I wrote about this very thing recently at IJ Review.

StuffAtkinsonSaysAtkinson stated that she thinks the courts will say the same thing.

NPR reports: “She believes the courts will ultimately rule that students should be allowed to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity.” 

She then had the nerve to say she “sides with what is in the best interest of each child”. Invading the privacy and safety of the vast majority of NC school kids is not in the best interest of each child, Dr. Atkinson.

Dr. Atkinson is a known political wordsmith, but she clearly just sided with the Obama administration.

Parents, you have a choice.

Don’t go along with the woman who helped force Common Core onto our kids and teachers and is now seemingly o.k. with to force our kids to go along with the bathroom insanity.


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  3. Cyclops618 says:

    Will the GOP candidate for State Superintendent be much better than Atkinson? I kinda doubt it.


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