EdWeek Gives NC a C- On State Report Card

Here comes EdWeek with their state report cards.


Overall, North Carolina was given a C-.

But.. but.. Dr. Atkinson says everything is great! Graduation rates are up, or something.

There were three categories that made up that overall score, here they are with what grade our state was given:

  1. School finance: D
  2. K-12 Achievement: D+
  3. Chance for Success: C+

School finance includes multiple indicators covering wealth, ‘equity’ and funding across districts. K-12 Achievement is made up of NAEP scores and NAEP achievement gains as well as achievement gap issues and graduation rates. Chance for Success encompasses everything from family income levels to parent employment and education, as well as preschool, school enrollment rates and ‘adult outcomes’.

isnt-common-core greatReminder: North Carolina is in the middle of year four of Common Core.  According to Atkinson and the rest of the Common Core pep squad, our kids should be killing the tests– ANY tests.

All state and national testing has been Common Core aligned, the scoring system in NC has been meddled with to protect the new tests and, yet, STILL the tests results at both the state level and the national level (ACT and NAEP) are flat and declining.

Even the benchmarks for ‘career and college readiness’ are showing less than half are prepared — but hey, those benchmarks are also Common Core aligned. So what does that even MEAN? A whole lot of doubleplusgood nothing, that’s what.

Remember all of this when you walk into the voting booth on Primary Day, parents.
Also, hey, parents —  have you seen the latest James O’Keefe video on Common Core?
It’s all about the money“.


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