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Dr. Stotsky: I’ll Review NC DPI Common Core Revisions Pro Bono

Despite what the public has been told, Common Core is still the set of standards being used in North Carolina.

Right now, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is revising the Kindergarten through 8th grade English Language Arts (ELA) standards. Continue reading

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NC Begins K-8 Common Core Revisions, Seeks Public Input

The Common Core standards are still alive and well in North Carolina and next round of lipstick on the pig is already underway. Continue reading

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NCDPI Warns #HB657 Will Take ‘Math Backwards’, But That Would Be A GOOD Thing

DPI sent out a ‘Legislative Alert’ email, titled, Oppose HB 657 Taking Math Backwards.
Why does DPI hate parents and students, yet defends Common Core like it’s made of Gold? Continue reading

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WCPSS Board Won’t Believe Their Lyin’ Eyes – #nced #wcpss

At what point will the Wake County School Board finally acknowledge that Common Core is the root of most of the problems district students have?

Would a teacher survey that says, “only 50% believe that all students can meet grade level benchmarks given sufficient supports” do the trick?
Apparently not. Continue reading

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The Backstory On Those “Student Perception Surveys” – #NCed

Earlier this month, I wrote about another one of NC DPI’s bad ideas — the “student perception survey”.

I’ve traced them back to their origin — and it’s not the State Board of Education.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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