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#DM7 Article: GOP Wave And Common Core

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column: GOP Wave And Common Cor Continue reading

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My Christmas Wish

I’ve got a wish for Christmas this year. It is not something a friend or relative can buy, but instead it is something they must do. They must shed their political party allegiances and instead pledge their allegiance to our … Continue reading

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CNN Western GOP Debate – Yippie Kai Yai Yay!

Ok, a quick rundown of the shoot out at the O.K. Corral last night. In a word – snippy! It wasn’t really the candidates fault so much as the way CNN ran the questioning and the entire lack of moderation. Anderson Cooper, being the chicken he is, just let them ramble on over each other. Continue reading

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Bloomberg TV – GOP Debate Rundown

My Impressions: This debate was boring. Not just boring, but the moderators made it painfully boring. Charlie Rose, if he wasn’t drunk, should have been. A tweet from Dan Foster at NRO hit the nail on the head about Rose. The other two were Liberal harpies from Hell. Continue reading

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9/12 GOP Tea Party Debate Rundown

9/12 GOP Tea Party Debate on CNN For various reasons I was unable to watch most of the Debate, therefore my commentary will be limited in this run down. From what I did see and what I read, it was … Continue reading

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