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Cabarrus GOP Denounces 2 Candidates

Well, Leigh Brown, a.k.a the Hair, is back in the news.

The Cabarrus County Republican party has denounced her. I’m kind of surprised it took this long. The Cabarrus GOP also denounced Diane Honeycutt. Continue reading

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Concord School Principal Encourages Voter Registration Flipping

Carla Black, Principal of Concord High School, recently received the Educator of the Decade Award from the Cabarrus County Branch NAACP and on her Facebook page, encouraged people who were Democrats to go out and change their affiliation to unaffiliated in order to vote in the upcoming Republican Primary on May 6th. So, what’s worse? A Principal endorsing a tactic meant to tip a primary one way or another or the fact the same Principal is endorsing this activity at a voter registration drive at schools?

By the way, this isn’t Ms. Black’s first encounter with controversy. In 2013, a letter was circulated by the “Concerned Community Committee” alleging various acts of misconduct involving fundraising, hiring of employees and other items that at Concord High School. An investigation cleared up several of the accusations.

This tactic of affiliation swapping is also being employed by Leigh Brown, the challenger to Rep. Pittman in NC-82, as well as others in the Cabarrus county area.

By the way, it appear that Black has since deleted this post as it is now nowhere to be found on her page. It is also possible her Facebook settings are not allowing me to view it. She also removed or has limited viewing to a post including a flyer for the event. I have images of both posts below thanks to a reader.

Screen captures are forever: Continue reading

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#NC82 Candidate Wants Democrat Votes?

In case you missed it, The Hair is Leigh Brown of Cabarrus county. This time, it’s not the Governor’s mansion she’s running for. This time the “DemoPublicanRepubliCrat” is challenging Rep. Larry Pittman for his seat in NC 82.

It’s going to be a tough race for her despite the funding from her real estate friends at the Chamber of Commerce. She needs all of her friends to be able to vote for her May 8th.

In order to do that The Hair wants Democrats to change their affiliation. Nope, not kidding: Continue reading

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